Apple Inventory Outs iPhone 4S as the iPhone 5?

iPhone 5

Yesterday, we saw a new iPhone 4 and a new iPod touch show up in Apple’s inventory system suggesting that Apple might be preparing to announce a cheaper iPhone 4 model alongside a new iPhone at its October 4th iPhone event. And while that’s exciting, what we really wanted to see show up was the […]

New iPhone 4 & iPod Touch Revealed by Apple’s Inventory System

Is there an iPhone 4S?

With just days until the Apple iPhone event, it appears that Apple is working behind the scenes to prepare for the big event. The Internal Apple inventory system has been updated with new product information for a new iPhone 4 and several iPod Touch product numbers according to a tip sent to 9to5Mac. The new […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 Event: What You Should Expect

Apple event

After months of speculation, Apple announced that it will be talking about the iPhone at an event on its Cupertino campus on October 4th. Needless to say, all eyes will be on the event. For many reasons. One, this will be the first major Apple event Tim Cook presides over as company CEO. Two, with […]

Android Gains, But Faces Tough Battle Against iOS 5 and iPhone 5

Android vs iOS

Smartphone buyers over the last three months chose Android 56% of the time, double the 28% choice of iOS devices like the iPhone. The new data from Nielsen shows that more consumers are picking Android than iPhone, but it looks like the big losers over this time are BlackBerry and “Other”, which is likely Windows Phone […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Pegged for October 14th

iPhone 5 Release Date Pegged as October 14th

We now know that Apple is planning on talking iPhone in just a few short days at an event on October 4th which means that we should see an official release date for the iPhone 5/iPhone 4S on that date. Until then though, we’re left to whispers and those whispers, from Macotakara are pointing to […]

Nextworth Offers $250 for iPhone 4 Until iPhone 5 Annoucement

iPhone 4 trade in

If you are planning to purchase an iPhone 5 on release day, you can get a good deal on your old iPhone 4 if you sell it to Nextworth. Up until Apple announces the iPhone 5, Nextworth is guarantees $250 for 16Gb and 32GB iPhone 4 models on AT&T. In order to take advantage of this deal your iPhone […]

iPhone 4 Discount Points to October iPhone 5 Release

Screen Shot 2011-09-24 at 12.11.57 PM

Verizon is offering select customers the iPhone 4 for $120 through September 30, suggesting the device will soon be supplanted by the iPhone 5. All rumors point to the iPhone 5 being announced on October 4th and going on sale later the same month. Verizon is probably looking to clear out inventory before their stuck with […]

Radio Shack Offering $100 off Verizon Smartphones, $50 Off iPhones

iPhone 4

To celebrate the arrival of Verizon Wireless smartphones, Radio Shack has announced that it will be taking $100 off a purchase of a Verizon smartphone with the signing of a new two year contract. That $100 is instant, not a mail-in rebate, and it applies to all Verizon smartphones that Radio Shack currently offers, a […]

How to Sell Your iPhone 4 to Pay for an iPhone 5

Screen Shot 2011-09-21 at 12.37.51 PM

Apple’s getting ready to announce the iPhone 5 on October 4th, if the latest rumors are true, and will likely put it up for sale within the month. But paying for an iPhone 5 can put a dent in your wallet. You can soften the blow by selling your iPhone 4 before the iPhone 5 […]

iPhone Trade-ins Grow 85% as iPhone 5 Release Date Nears

NextWorth - iPhone Price Decline

As the iPhone 5 release date gets closer, and we have additional confirmation of an iPhone 5 announcement date more iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 owners are selling their old iPhones to for top dollar. Gazelle tells GigaOm that sales of old iPhone models spiked 85% this morning after additional confirmation of an October 4th […]

Apple to Launch Both iPhone 5 and ‘iPhone 4 Plus’?

iPhone 4

According to a JP Morgan’s Mark Moskowitz, Apple will be releasing both the iPhone 5 and another model he has deemed, the iPhone 4 Plus. His conclusions are based on “research” and point to an iPhone 5 sans 4G LTE support and an iPhone 4 that has been retooled with some improvements that will take […]

Sprint Tightens Up Return Policy Ahead of Rumored iPhone Launch


Rumor has it that Sprint will be getting at least one version of the iPhone at some point in the weeks ahead, it’s unknown whether it’s the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, and it seems that the carrier is doing some tightening up in the policy department ahead of the popular phone’s launch. Last week, […]

iPhone 5 Delays and Shortages Possible Through 2012

If you can’t wait for the iPhone 5, hang on to your seat. Sources have told 9to5Mac that Apple is experiencing issues with at least one production line that could cause a further delay in the launch of a new redesigned iPhone 5 with a teardrop shape and a larger screen. The delays come weeks […]

iPhone 5 Rumors, Roadmap And Release Date Infographic

iphone 5 rumor infographic

The iPhone 5 is expected in October, but to get here, we had to go through a long period of iPhone 5 rumors and disappointments. This infographic tracks the iPhone 5 from the iPhone 4 announcement, to the first iPhone 5 rumor in October all the way through our current status of an iPhone 5 release date […]

Apple to Discontinue iPhone 4 Bumper Case?

iPhone 4 Bumper Case

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple is poised to discontinue the infamous iPhone 4 Bumper Case as the launch of a new iPhone looms upon the horizon. The report cites an anonymous source and theorizes that the reason behind the discontinuation might be because the next incarnation of the iPhone, possibly called the iPhone […]

Sprint: Bring on the iPhone, We’re Ready


Sprint’s CFO Joe Euteneuer, speaking at the speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Entertainment & Communications conference, stated that the carrier is fully prepared to handle the iPhone if and when it arrives on his company’s network. Unfortunately, Euteneuer did not confirm – nor deny – the iPhone was on the way […]

5 Things the iPhone 5 Can Learn From the Droid Bionic

iPhone 4 landscape small display

The iPhone is generally thought of as a leading smartphone, one the competition learns from and copies, but this time around, there are several features that I hope the iPhone 5 learns from the Droid Bionic. The iPhone 5 is even more anticipated than the iPhone 4, but it is facing stiff competition from several […]

Apple Out-Thins Samsung in Latest UK Battle


Apple and Samsung had been vying for the world’s slimmest smartphone title. Most recently, Samsung had challenged Apple’s marketing claim for the slim iPhone 4 in the UK with Samsung losing out on that battle. According to Sasmung, Apple’s iPhone 4 with a thickness of 9.4 mm is thicker than the Galaxy S II, which […]