Wait for iPhone 4 Grows as iPhone 5 Release Date Looms

iPhone 4 ship times

If you are thinking of purchasing an iPhone 4, you’ll have to wait an extra 1 to 3 days for it to arrive, a jump in ship time that is evidence of low inventory levels. Low inventory levels are typical before Apple releases a new product, like the iPhone 5. Typically iPhone orders ship within […]

First Photo Taken with the iPhone 5 Camera?

iPhone 5 Camera Sample?

What you are looking at is a photo of sushi. However, this isn’t any old photo of sushi. This picture, according to Pocketnow, very well could be the first photo taken with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5. The photo claims to be taken from an iPhone 4 but there is some evidence that disputes that. The […]

iPhone 4 Remains Popular Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch

iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 has been out for over a year now and there are rumors swirling about a new iPhone launching later this month or at some point in October however it appears the iPhone 4 is still the best selling smartphone on both AT&T and Verizon Wireless. According to Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley, […]

5 Best Fantasy Football Apps for iPhone

NFL Fantasy Draft Cheat Sheet

If you’re like me, you’re already fired up for not only the real NFL season but the fantasy football season as well. The trash talk, the drama, the joy of watching your nemesis’ first round pick miss several games, it all comes to life when fantasy football starts. I’ve been playing since the days where […]

5 iPhone Bluetooth Keyboards to Boost Your Productivity

iPhone Bluetooth foldable keyboard

Most of the time we think about using a bluetooth keyboard with the iPad or Android tablets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pair your iPhone with a Bluetooth¬†keyboard¬†to speed up data and text entry on the go. Recently a friend who runs a very mobile business, a party bus service, asked for some keyboards […]

Apple to Launch iPhone 4 8GB Alongside iPhone 5 in September?

iPhone 4

We have heard rumors for quite awhile now about the possibility of Apple launching not one but two iPhones this fall and a report from Reuters corroborates that notion as their sources have indicated that Apple is preparing to release a cheaper iPhone 4 model alongside the iPhone 5 at the end of September. The […]

The Best Time To Sell Your iPhone 4 For the iPhone 5 is…

NextWorth - iPhone Price Decline

When is the best time to sell my old iPhone? That’s a question I hear almost every day as the iPhone 5 launch looms. With a number of iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 owners looking for the best price, we spoke to NextWorth to find out when you should sell your iPhone. As it turns […]

Gizmodo Won’t Be Charged in Leaked iPhone 4 Case

iPhone 4

It has been more than a year since Gizmodo rocked the tech world by leaking Apple’s iPhone 4 ahead of its launch at WWDC 2010. If you recall, Gizmodo paid $5000 in cash for the prototype that an Apple engineer left on a bar stool in Redwood City and soon after, Apple dropped the hammer […]

The World’s Most Broken iPhone, That Still Works

broken iPhone 4

We’ve seen iPhones fall out of planes and keep working, but on a recent flight one of our editors caught sight of the world’s most busted iPhone that is still in daily use. This broken iPhone 4 doesn’t belong to a stuntman, but to a sorority sister who may party a bit too hard and […]

iPad and iPhone Smuggling Ring Takes A Page from Ocean’s Eleven

iPad and iPhone Pulley

It’s not shocking to hear about an iPhone and iPad smuggling ring being busted in Shenzen, China, a place that just so happens to be the center of the universe when it comes to phony electronics. No, not shocking at all. However, this isn’t your every day iPhone and iPad smuggling ring. In fact, it […]

New Case Allows iPhone Owners to Show ‘PDA’


It’s true that the iPhone can be considered as a connected PDA–or personal digital assistant–but have you considered showing some PDA–or public display of affection–to your beloved Apple smartphone? A new case will allow users to show off their love for the iPhone publicly, letting Apple smartphone owners ‘hold hands’ with their smartphone as the […]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone Right Now

dont get iphone right now

You may have noticed that prices are dropping on iPhones. Target and Radio Shack recently dropped the iPhone 4 down to $169.99 for the base model. Target did one better by selling the same one for $149.99. Heck, even the iPhone 3GS is getting a price cut (down to $20 at Target). While these offers […]

The Verizon iPhone Explosion Is Still Coming

iphone explosion

A poll (reported by AppleInsider) shows that Verizon iPhone users are waiting for the next iPhone. In fact, a lion’s share of Verizon users are holding out for it. This tells us that the awkward timing of the Verizon iPhone’s launch was the only thing that prevented the sales explosion that some had initially expected. […]

Why a Low Cost Plastic iPhone Doesn’t Make Sense in Apple’s Lineup


There are recent rumors that Apple may be looking to launch a low-cost iPhone 4 next year, perhaps replacing the scratch-resistant front and rear glass panels for plastic. However, for the Mac-maker who refused to enter the low-cost netbook space and opted to release an ultra-portable, but premium, MacBook Air instead, such a strategy would […]

iPhone 4 with Plastic Case May Target Cheap Android Phones

iPhone 4 Prototype with Plastic instead of glass Leaked

Some pictures of what claims to be a prototype version of the iPhone 4 made with a plastic housing instead of glass were leaked by a Vietnamese site that gained notoriety by releasing photos of early iPhone 4 prototypes, a prototype of the iPod Touch with a camera, and others. The translation posted at MacRumors […]

Google+ App for iPhone Available Now


Google said that it would be coming and sure enough, it is here. The Google+ application for the iPhone has arrived so if you own one of those spiffy iOS-powered handhelds, you can head to the App Store right now and scoop it up. The Google+ application is for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and […]

iPhone 4 Falls from Skydiver’s Pocket and Lives

iPhone 4

Apple’s iPhone 4 has survived drops from incredible heights before and it appears that it is at it again as CNN is reporting that an iPhone 4 survived a fall from a skydiver’s pocket as he was flying through the air at 13,500 feet. The last time we heard about one of these incredible feats, […]

iPhone 4 AirPlay and FaceTime Commercials Prep You For the Future

iPhone 4 FaceTime Demo

The new iPhone 4 commercials may be the final primetime performance for the iPhone 4. In the latest iPhone commercials Apple shows off AirPlay and FaceTime, while reminding you that you need an iPhone to take advantage of these wireless features. The commercials set the stage for a new group of commercials, which we expect […]

Overheating A5 Chips Force Apple to Delay iPhone 5 Launch?


In a new round of unverified and speculated rumors, Apple is said to be delaying the launch of the iPhone 5 due to overheating problems experienced on the company’s faulty dual-core mobile A5 chipset. Instead, the rumor posits that Apple will launch a minor refresh to the iPhone 4 known as the iPhone 4S in […]