Data Unlimited for iPhone 4S is Still Unlimited, But Is This the Last Time?

iPhone 4S data plan options

If you are planning an iPhone 4S preorder on AT&T, you should be sure to carefully select your new data plan, or you might accidentally lose your grandfathered unlimited iPhone data plan. After AT&T recovered from a rocky iPhone 4S preorder launch, upgraders noticed that AT&T is forcing all iPhone 4S customers to get a […]

If You Want the iPhone 4S Next Week, Pre Order Tonight

iPhone 4S Preorders Start on October 7th

iPhone 4S pre orders are about to start, and if you want the iPhone on launch day, you should seriously consider ordering as soon as the pre orders go live on Verizon,AT&T and Sprint. Apple and the carriers use these early orders to help handle the demand of eager buyers. Unless you want to wait in line, […]

Verizon iPhone 4S Preorders Start at 3:01 AM October 7th

Verizon iPhone 4S Preorders

Verizon has just announced that the iPhone 4S preorder sales will start at 3:01 AM Eastern on Friday October 7th. The iPhone 4S is the newest iPhone, announced by CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday. The iPhone 4S is available on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint with a full release on October 14th. The iPhone 4S preorders […]