Galaxy II Beats iPhone 4S for Smartphone of the Year at MWC 2012

Galaxy II Beats iPhone 4S for Smartphone of the Year at MWC 2012

It was an Android device that ended up winning the smartphone of the year award from the organization that hosts the Mobile World Congress. The GSMA announced the winners of the 17th Annual Global Mobile awards today and the Samsung Galaxy S II was given the honor. Not a shabby piece of hardware for a […]

Video: Android Voice Actions Claim Victory Over Siri


One of the biggest selling points of Apple’s iPhone 4S is Siri, the voice-activated virtual assistant that can give you directions, help you text a friend or help you plan your daily schedule. Well, Motorola wants you to know that there is a feature on Android that can do those things as well. And, if […]

Apple Isn’t The Only Company at Foxconn To Criticize

Apple Foxconn Worker

During the past few weeks it has become as fashionable to hate on Apple as it has been to own an Apple product. But, unless you’re doing your due diligence on every gadget in your bag, dorm or home, you might want to reconsider hating on a single company. In case you missed it, The […]

Can the Galaxy S III Be As Successful as the Galaxy S II?

Can the Galaxy S III Be As Successful as the Galaxy S II?

The Samsung Galaxy S III has leaked out several times over the last two months. We’ve heard about potential specifications. We’ve heard possibilities in terms of a release date. We know that Samsung will be announcing it at a standalone event during the first half of 2012. And we also know that it’s going to […]

Galaxy Note Takes on the iPhone in New Ad (Video)

Galaxy Note

Over the last several months, Samsung has targeted Apple’s iPhone and its legions of fans. The ad campaign culminated in a huge Super Bowl ad, the first for Samsung’s mobile division, that featured everything from Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears to a guy getting shot out of a cannon. And let’s not forget the […]

Samsung Galaxy S III: What to Expect

Samsung Galaxy S III: What to Expect

We just caught wind of a rumor that states that the next iPhone, presumably called the iPhone 5, won’t be out until either September or October of this year. If true, it would mean that there will be a huge gap to fill this summer in terms of smartphone releases. And one company in particular […]

Nokia Lumia 900 vs. iPhone 4S

Nokia Lumia 900

Last year, Apple released its next-generation iPhone in the iPhone 4S. And while some wondered whether or not the company would achieve the same success with the a device that looked exactly like the previous incarnation of the iPhone, Apple went on to sell an absolute ton of iPhone 4S’. If you want specifics, it […]

iPhone 4S vs. Motorola Droid 4

iPhone 4S vs. Motorola Droid 4

A couple of days ago, Verizon released the third follow-up to the original Motorola Droid in the form of the Motorola Droid 4. The Droid 4 was first announced at CES 2012 where we awarded it with our Best Smartphone of CES award. Translation: It’s an extremely solid phone and one that many of you […]

GPP Unlock SIM Now Unlocks All AT&T iPhone 4S Models

iPhone 4S

A new iPhone 4S accessory claims to successfully SIM unlock all models of the AT&T Apple iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0 and 5.0.1 firmware. As AT&T, unlike rivals Sprint and Verizon Wireless, does not yet offer its longstanding customers with SIM unlock codes, iPhone 4S models purchased through Apple or AT&T with carrier subsidization for […]

5 Features the iPhone 5 Needs to Have

5 Features the iPhone 5 Should Have

We’re likely still a long way out from the release of Apple’s next iPhone, presumably the iPhone 5, but it’s never too early to talk about what we’d like to see from the company’s next-generation iPhone. As you may know, the last two iPhone models are fairly similar. The iPhone 4 launched in 2010 with […]

iPhone Case Brings Apple Nostalgia


While Apple’s products are now clad in silver aluminum or steel and glass, once upon a time Apple had injected color into its products. If you’re aching for a berry colored iMac of yore or a solid old-school Macintosh model, there’s now a case for your iPhone to give you the satisfaction of being an […]

iPhone Brings 720,000 New Subscribers to Sprint

iPhone Brings 720,000 New Subscribers to Sprint

Back in October, the long-rumored Sprint iPhone finally rolled out to customers in the United States and today, the carrier announced the fruits of its decision to carry the iconic smartphone. The company has revealed that it endured a a $1.3 billion net loss during the fourth quarter of 2011 but that it has seen […]

The Best iPhone and iPad Photo Apps


Photographers use the iPhone and iPad to do some interesting things, from shooting snaps of the kids to creating works of art to post online or even hang in a gallery. The old adage that says the best camera is the one you have with you may be true, but it also implied that the […]

Apple Plotting End of iPhone 3GS as iPhone 5 Release Nears?

Retina Display vs iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS remains a popular device, despite being nearly three years old, partly thanks to the recent iOS 5 upgrade and the $0, price tag, but an App Store change may signal the end to the iPhone 3GS as we get closer to the iPhone 5 release date. We think that Apple may be killing off […]

Battery Boost Magic Isn’t A Magic Fix for iPhone 4S Battery Life

iPhone 4S battery life

The iPhone 4S has battery life issues, that much is for sure. For many users, the battery life is bad enough that they have turned to the App Store to find a fix for bad iPhone 4s battery life. Enter the Battery Boost Magic App, which claims to “Maximize & Extend your battery life”, “Reduce […]