Best iPhone 5 Cases

Kensignton iPhone 5 Case Aluminum

iPhone 5 cases are now widely available from some of the top case makers and companies. Some of our favorite iPhone cases are still on the way, like a LIfeProof iPhone 5 case or a Mophie iPhone 5 battery case, but there is a wide selection of great iPhone 5 cases users can buy now. […]

ZAGG InvisibleShield Extreme iPhone 5 Screen Protector Announced

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD EXTREME for iPhone 5

To go along with the launch of the iPhone 5, ZAGG has a new screen protector it calls the InvisibleShield Extreme which it claims offers the most protection of a ZAGG screen protector ever. The new InvisibleShield Extreme iPhone 5 screen protector is a thin, 0.2mm film that fits on top of the iPhone 5 […]

Otterbox Announces iPhone 5 Cases

Otterbox iPhone 5 Defender Series

The leaks of the iPhone 5 paid off for some accessory makers, just moment after the announcement Otterbox already has cases for the new device. Otterbox has iPhone 5 cases in all four of its major product series: Defender, Commuter, Reflex, and Prefix. All four lines offer some sort of protection for the iPhone 5, […]

iPhone 5 Cases Ready to Ship from China (Photos)

iPhone 5 Cases neon

Apple won’t comment on the existence of the iPhone 5, but with a potential for the iPhone 5 release date in weeks, Chinese manufacturers are gearing up. These aren’t the first iPhone 5 cases we’ve seen, but it is the largest variety of cases. A manufacturer in China sent photos of the iPhone 5 cases […]

Is this a Photo of the Real iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 in case

The iPhone 5 is likely just a few months away, but one Chinese case maker already appears to have the phone. According to Gizmodo Chinese case maker Cool Zone PDA is already producing cases for the iPhone 5, though it looks like the photos were already taken down. That in itself is nothing new, we’ve […]

New iPhone 5 Cases Surface with 4-Inch Display


New iPhone 5 cases have surfaced today in the United Kingdom and they unsurprisingly feature a design for a 4-inch display, one of the features that’s said to be comingĀ  on board the iPhone 5 when it arrives later this year. MobileFun, a retailer in the UK, has leaked the cases on its blog. The […]

iPhone 5 Cases Appear Online as Manufacturers Prep for Release

iPhone 5 cases

With the launch of the iPhone 5 presumably coming in the next few months we’re seeing a lot of leaks showing us what the phone might look like. This time is a collection of cases that are already on sale. CydiaBlog found the cases that are on sale at The cases are just basic […]

iPhone 5 Dimensions Allegedly Leaked by Case Maker

iPhone 5 dimensions

New images show what look likeĀ the full dimensions of Apple’s next generation iPhone. The images come from PC Tablet Cases, and they show a full break down of the dimensions of the iPhone 5 that looks similar to the previous leaks we’ve seen. They show a 5-inch iPhone 5 with the aluminum and glass back […]