No iPhone 5 Cases Available at Apple Retail Stores on Launch Day

iPhone 5 Case with Kickstand verizon

The iPhone 5 release day is Friday and when users open up their iPhone 5 it may be tough to find an iPhone 5 case, even at an Apple Store. The Apple Online store doesn’t list any iPhone 5 cases for sale, and calls to our local Apple Store resulted in a shocker. The Apple […]

Verizon Wireless Opening Early for iPhone 5 Release Date

Verizon Wireless Store Prep for iPhone 5 release date

Users who have not pre-ordered an iPhone 5 online are looking at ship times in October, and with 2 million iPhone 5 pre-orders already in the books, lines will likely be big on Friday September 21st. Verizon Wireless retail locations will open early on Friday, matching Apple’s 8 AM opening time. Last week retail employees would not […]

Verizon to Sell iPhone 5 Off Contract on Release Date In Stores

iPhone 5 Buying Advice

According to Verizon Customer Service, users looking to buy an iPhone 5 off contract can walk in to their local store on Friday September 21st and pay iPhone 5 off contract prices to pick up the latest handset without singing a new two-year agreement. This means users like myself can buy the iPhone 5 without […]

iPhone 5 Buyers Don’t Care: Debt, Sex and Upgrades

iPhone 5 no sex

As the iPhone 5 release date approaches, surveys claiming to let us into the minds of the iPhone 5 shopper are flooding our inbox. The iPhone 5 buyer it seems, is driven into a buying frenzy by the mention of a September 21st iPhone 5 release date. How bad is it? I’m no medical professional, […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Nears: Here’s What We Know So Far


Apple will introduce the iPhone 5 in just a few days and begin shipping it to customers in less than two weeks. Thanks to numerous leaks, we know quite a bit about the iPhone 5 in advance of its official release. While there’s been a lot of excitement over next-generation Windows Phones and Android devices […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Set for September 21

iPhone boxes - iPhone 5 release date

The iPhone 5 release date is September 21st. A trusted source familiar with Apple’s iPhone shipping plans confirmed plans for the iPhone 5 to arrive on the doorsteps of customers on Friday the 21st for the first to complete iPhone 5 preorders. Our source tells GottaBeMobile that Apple notified shippers to expect mass shipments of […]

Apple Confirms iPhone 5 Event on September 12th

Apple iPhone 5 Event Confirmed

Apple just sent invites for a special event on September 12th, telling press that “It’s almost here.” The invite, which Andy Ihnatko posted to Twitter beckons members of the press to the Apple’s presumed iPhone announcement for a keynote that starts at 10 AM pacific, 1 PM Eastern on September 12th. The invitation is sparse, […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Still Looks Good for September 21st


Verizon has already been reported to have a vacation blackout for the week of September 21st and now it looks like AT&T has the same policy in place, something which seems to point to the iPhone 5 release date as being September 21st. According to TechCrunch, AT&T employees have been given the same vacation blackout […]

Verizon Issues Vacation Blackout For iPhone 5 Release Date


In a move that should shock nobody, Verizon isn’t letting employees take vacations from September 21 to September 30, dated that line up with the anticipated iPhone 5 release date. According to TechCrunch, a source within Verizon says the company blacked out the dates in order to keep all employees on hand for the iPhone […]

German Carriers Prepare for September iPhone 5 Release Date

Mobilcom Debitel iPhone 5 teaser

Two German carriers refuse to remain silent about the new iPhone, and are teasing customers with hints of Apple’s new smartphone. According to 9To5Mac, German carrier Mobilcom Debitel just announced the new iPhone 5 is due for release sometime next month. The website, which sells phones for a number of carriers made the announcement via […]

iPhone 5 Rumors Push Apple Stock to Record Breaking Levels

Apple Stock most valuable company

iPhone 5 rumors and expectations of heightened consumer demand pushed Apple (AAPL) stock to record-breaking levels in late afternoon trading on NASDAQ. After a dip from lower than expected iPhone sales in Q3 2012 investors pushed Apple stock to $664.75 — or about what a couple will pay for two 32GB iPhone 5 devices in September. The […]

Apple Stock Surges to All Time High as iPhone 5 Release Nears

AAPL iPhone 5

Investors pushed Apple stock to an all time high of $645 during mid day trading on speculation of the iPhone 5, a new model of Apple’s popular iPhone. Weeks after lower than expected iPhone sales spurred a sell off on Apple [AAPL] stock, investors are pushing the stock back up on rumors of a September […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Details in 2 Minutes (Video)

iPhone 5 Release Date

The iPhone 5 release date looks incredibly likely for late September on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. The iPhone 5, or the new iPhone, as it may be called looks ready to arrive a month earlier than many originally thought. The latest iPhone 5 release date rumors point to in store availability on September 21st, with […]

Apple To Start iPhone 5 Pre-orders on September 12


Apple could offer iPhone 5 pre-orders the same day it announces the new iPhone. According to iMore, Apple is planning to start pre-orders for the new iPhone on September 12, the same day it’s rumored to launch to smartphone. The phone will come to market just nine days later, on September 21, just as we’ve heard […]

AT&T Prepares for iPhone 5 Release Date


AT&T is reportedly planning on an iPhone 5 release date taking place during the third or fourth week of September. According to BGR, a source has chimed in saying that the carrier expects to release the iPhone 5 in the latter part of September, something that jives with previous rumors that stated that Apple would […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Nears, Snag the Best iPhone Trade in Price Today

iPhone 4 trade in prices

We expect Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on September 12th and offer the new iPhone for sale just 9 days later on September 21st. Users who want to upgrade to the new iPhone shouldn’t wait to sell their iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S as trade in prices drop dramatically weeks before Apple announces the […]

What’s Your Most Wanted iPhone 5 Feature, Spec or Design?

iPhone 5 Design

With all the iPhone 5 leaks spilling a 17% larger screen, thinner display and giving us a glimpse at what the iPhone 5 might look like it might seem like we know everything to know about the iPhone 5. We like to think that we know that the iPhone 5 has a 4-inch display, a faster […]

Sharp Shipping iPhone 5 Displays This Month

iPhone 5 displays like this will ship from Sharp to Apple in August.

Displays for the new iPhone 5 will ship from Sharp Corporation to Apple factories this month where assembly can kick off on the new iPhone. “Shipments will start in August,”says Sharp President Takashi Okuda, referring to displays for the next Apple iPhone. Reuters reports that Okuda made the statement at a press briefing, but would not provide specific details about […]

iPhone 5 Release Date All But Confirmed for September


The iPhone 5 release date appears to be all but confirmed for September after several reports confirmed the rumored launch date for the device. Last night, a report from iMore claimed that Apple would be announcing the iPhone 5 at a media event on September 12th. The report also claimed that the iPhone 5 release […]

Further Support for September iPhone 5 Release Date

The iPhone 5 could look something like this.

The iPhone 5 release date has again been pegged for some time in late September. iLounge is reporting that a source has informed them that Apple is going to be ready to ship the new iPhone by mid-September. That could mean that Apple would start shipping out the device in the third week of September […]