New Photos Show 7.6mm Thin iPhone 5, Possible Magsafe Dock Connector

iPhoen 5 dock connector Magsafe

Smaller is in for the iPhone 5 according to the latest rumors and leaked parts. New photos from the Chinese newspaper Apple Daily and photos from French site provide a look at two ways the new iPhone 5 may be smaller. While rumors of a smaller dock connector and  thinner iPhone are not new, […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Again Rumored for September 21st

The iPhone 5 release date could be September 21st.

The iPhone 5 release date has again been rumored for September 21st. PhoneArena is reporting that they have heard that the iPhone 5 release date is September 21st, a date that has already surfaced once in the past. The original rumor was based off of alleged information from a case supplier in China and this […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumor Roundup

The iPhone 5 has been rumored for an August launch.

There has been a lot of talk and a lot of rumor surrounding the iPhone 5 release date which will almost assuredly take place sometime this fall. The device has been rumored to be coming out in a trio of months that land in the fall and Verizon itself has even pointed to that as […]

iPhone 5 Rumors: 4G LTE, NFC, Fall Release Date

iPhone 5 Rumors: 4G LTE, NFC, Fall Release Date

The iPhone 5 rumor mill is at it once again and this time it’s a trio of rumors about the iPhone 5’s release date and features that have come to the surface. BGR is reporting that the iPhone 5 still hasn’t hit production, as was previously reported, but that the device is still on track […]

iPhone 5 Screen Tech is Thinner, Lighter & Easier to Read Outdoors

iPhone 5 with in-cell touch

The iPhone 5 will sport a new screen, but it won’t just offer a larger place to watch videos and play games. According to The Wall Street Journal, the iPhone 5 will feature a thinner display capable of producing better looking images. We first heard the rumor about In-Cell Touch displays for the iPhone 5 […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Upgraded to August or September?

iPhone 5 release date September

The iPhone 5 release date remains an ever-changing target, even though we expect it to arrive this fall. Apple is likely to announce the new iPhone 5 this fall, around the time of the iOS 6 release date. While conventional wisdom suggests the release date will land in October, matching up with the release date […]

iPhone 5 Features: What to Expect This Fall

The iPhone 5 might look like this photo-realistic rendering.

With WWDC 2012 come and gone without an iPhone 5 announcement, we can now turn our attention to a fall release date for Apple’s next iPhone. That also means that there is even more time for iPhone 5 rumors to leak out ahead of the device’s launch. More than a few have leaked to the […]

iPhone 5 Dimensions Allegedly Leaked by Case Maker

iPhone 5 dimensions

New images show what look like the full dimensions of Apple’s next generation iPhone. The images come from PC Tablet Cases, and they show a full break down of the dimensions of the iPhone 5 that looks similar to the previous leaks we’ve seen. They show a 5-inch iPhone 5 with the aluminum and glass back […]

Apple Locks Down Liquidmetal Exclusivity through 2014, Headed to iPhone 5?

What a Liquidmetal iPhone 5 might look like.

Apple is the only electronics manufacturer that can use Liquidmetal for another two years. The Liquidmetal material is a strong and light material which Apple may include in the iPhone 5 design. While rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 will not be made of a Liquidmetal back, or a full Liquidmetal case, odds are Apple […]

What iOS 6 Tells Us About the iPhone 5

What iOS 6 Tells Us About the iPhone 5

While Apple didn’t announce the iPhone 5 yesterday at WWDC 2012, what it did announce may have provided us with clues about Apple’s next iPhone model. Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his colleagues took the stage and announced the company’s next mobile operating system, iOS 6. iOS 6 is going to be coming with […]

Leaked Photo May Show iPhone 5 Schematics

Leaked iPhone schematics

Yesterday we saw a couple of back covers that are likely parts for the iPhone 5, today we have a schematic that seems to match up with those parts. The schematic comes from Cydia Blog which received it from an unnamed source. The document shows an iPhone 5 that’s a bit taller than the current […]

iPhone 5 Release Date & Rumor Roundup Updated

iphone 5 Mock UP Verizon 4 inch

iPhone 5 release date and feature rumors continue to arrive daily. From a 3.95 inch display to Steve Jobs’ last project, the iPhone 5 rumors are fresh off the press and full of tantalizing prospects for the new iPhone. Expect to see more iPhone 5 rumors arrive this week as we inch closer to WWDC, where some still believe we will […]

5 iPhone 5 Rumors Worth Believing

iPHone 5 mock up

The iPhone 5 should arrive later this year, most likely in the fall. While there is nothing officially known about the iPhone 5 at this time, the team at GottaBeMobile has discussed the next iPhone 5 features many times. After a number of discussions and comparing what we think we know about the next iPhone, I have come up with […]

Last Day to Win an iPhone 5 for Release Day

iPhone 5 giveaway

If you are excited about the iPhone 5 release date, which is almost here, then you’ll definitely want to check out our latest GottaBeMobile Giveaway. Today is the last day to enter for a chance to win an Apple gift card that will be delivered in time to purchase an iPhone 5 on release day. To enter, […]

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup: Latest on Hardware, Release Date, Carriers


The Motorola Droid Bionic for Verizon finally launched back at the end of September and since then, we’ve seen a swath of rumors surface regarding the next big anticipated smartphone release. That release of course is Apple’s iPhone 5, possibly paired with another cheaper iPhone, and right now we sit just mere days out from […]

iPhone 5 Rumors, Roadmap And Release Date Infographic

iphone 5 rumor infographic

The iPhone 5 is expected in October, but to get here, we had to go through a long period of iPhone 5 rumors and disappointments. This infographic tracks the iPhone 5 from the iPhone 4 announcement, to the first iPhone 5 rumor in October all the way through our current status of an iPhone 5 release date […]

iPhone 5 Rumors Heat Up: Release Date, No Redesign

iPhone 4

The launch of the Motorola Droid Bionic has come and gone and now, we turn our attention to the next big device that is supposed to be headed to shelves at some point in the next few weeks. That device of course is Apple’s iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, depending on whom you ask. Unlike […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumor Roundup: October Looks Likely

Possible iPhone 5 Mockup

As Labor days has come and gone without a new iPhone for the first time in years, we begin to see a collection of new rumors relating to an iPhone 5 release date. We expect Apple to launch the iPhone 5 this in the near future, alongside iCloud and iOS 5, but there has yet […]

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup: Hardware, Release Date, Carriers

iPhone 4

Whenever a new iPhone gets rumored, it immediately shoots up to the top of wish lists around the world. And Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S, is no different. This is a highly anticipated device, but unlike most other phones, consumers only have bits and pieces of rumored information about it. In comparison, another […]