Should I return my iPhone 5c for a iPhone 5s?

Apple announced the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S release date at the end of an event today in California.

Apple’s iPhone 5c may have just hit stores and online retailers last week, but that isn’t stopping users from reconsidering their purchases. Just as with any other device, a brief honeymoon period is often followed by a cold hard look at how a new device fits into a user’s life-style. Does it do the things […]

Apple’s iPhone 5s, 5c Opening Weekend Sales Numbers Exaggerated?


Apple had issued a press release early Monday stating 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales on opening weekend, which had begun on Friday, September 20th, made records. CEO Tim Cook said that it had sold the most iPhone units this weekend of any launch weekend in the past. However, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene […]

iPhone 5S Release: New Carrier Emerges

The iPhone 5S is finally here.

The iPhone 5S release in the United States has gained another release date as regional carrier C Spire Wireless has announced that it will start taking iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C orders starting on October 1st. Earlier this month, Apple announced the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, devices that were released on September 20th and […]

iOS 7, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c set Apple Records


It wont come as much of a surprise to the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c users who stood in long lines for hours this past weekend to get their devices, however is now confirming what last week’s record lines alluded to, the new devices and iOS 7 represent its biggest launch ever. In a new press […]

Apple Airs New iPhone 5c Ad, Full Keynote Available on YouTube

iphone-5s-5c (1)

Apple is going primetime, as it aired a new iPhone 5c ad during the Emmy award ceremony last night. The new commercial is identical to the ad that the company played during its September 10 media event, but it’s a bit shorter and adds a few new scenes to make a little snappier and fast-paced. So […]

Did Apple Know About Defects and Still Release iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c?


It looks like Apple may have known about some small manufacturing defects with the construction of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and still let the phones off the assembly line. Fortunately, though, for iPhone buyers today, Apple will cover the issues with these defects for free as part of its standard warranty so a […]

5 of the Craziest Things to Happen During the iPhone 5s Release

Here's what buyers need to know before heading to Verizon on the iPone 5s release date.

Apple’s iPhone 5s isn’t made of gold but that didn’t stop many die-hard Apple fans and iPhone lovers from sitting in line and waiting for Apple’s latest flagship device. If the spectacles, lines and rabid excitement over the device was an accurate indication, it’s TouchID fingerprint reader, speedy 64GB processor and new gold color option […]

10 Great iPhone 5c Cases

apple iphone 5c

The iPhone 5c’s release means plenty of buyers will need a case to cover their colorful new lower priced iPhone from Apple. The new iPhone 5c comes in many bright colors. It doesn’t include the same higher powered processor or memory that Apple put in the iPhone 5s or the new camera. Users also won’t get a […]

Apple iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5c Drop Test Videos Arrive

iphone 5c drop test screen

As soon as Apple releases an iPhone some crazy people start dropping the thing on purpose. An iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5c drop test already hit YouTube along with some scratch test videos showing that the iPhone 5c may not hold up as well to pavement as the iPhone 5s, though it does hold up better than […]

T-Mobile iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Buyers Beware

iPhone 5s Day One -  001

Users looking to pick up the latest additions to Apple’s venerable smartphone line, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c likely already knew that they would be in for a long wait, however T-Mobile users in some markets are in for an even longer wait: a week from Monday. The long wait is because it seems […]

Apple Retail Store iPhone 5s, 5c Displays Emphasize Color


Apple is beginning to install displays in its corporate-owned retail stores that highlight the new colors of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Both phones will begin going on sale starting tomorrow, Friday, at Apple stores and through its partner retail channels, including stores owned by wireless carrier partners. Though the iPhone 5c is available […]

iPhone 5c Arrives at Target for $79


With just hours to go until in-store iPhone 5c sales kick off at local Apple Stores and wireless stores across the country, department retailer Target has added the 16GB iPhone 5c to its online store for just $79.99. At that price, Target is matching the same price that Walmart said users would be able to […]

Lightning Cable Not Working? iOS 7 May Be Blocking It


Users upgrading to iOS 7, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, could be in for more than just a new interface. According to early reports Apple is using the release to disable some third-party Lightning cables. The third-party Lightning cables in question, according to 9to5Mac, have stopped working because they were never actually […]

iFixit: iPhone 5S, 5C might last two years before battery quits


As the head honcho of iFixit, Kyle Wiens loves liberating mobile users from the shackles that bind them, showing everyone how to repair and rehab their high-tech gadgets. By the end of this week he expects to have a full report on the new iPhone 5C and 5S, and while he doesn’t rule out some […]

iPhone 5s Release: Apple May Miss Demand By Up to 50%

iPhone 5S release weekend could skew heavily towards the iPhone 5c.

The iPhone 5s release date is almost here and when it comes to buying an iPhone 5s early tomorrow morning expect long lines and not enough iPhones to go around. It gets even worse if you are looking for a gold iPhone 5s as reports from Australia indicate that even some Apple Stores do not […]

iOS 7.0.1 Update Ready for iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C Users

The iPhone 5C arrives September 20th alongside the iPhone 5S.

Apple was rumored to have an iOS 7.0.1 update in testing and it now appears that the iOS 7.0.1 update will be ready and waiting for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C users on their Friday release date. Prior to the iOS 7 release date, rumors suggested that Apple was testing not only iOS 7.0.1 but […]

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Buyers Guide: The 4 C’s of iPhone Shopping

iPhone 5s colors

Anyone buying an engagement ring may be familiar with the four C’s of diamond shopping (Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color). Diamond sellers simplify the myriad of diamond options confused engagement ring shoppers. Now that Apple will be selling 84 different iPhone combos in the United States, it’s time to simplify the iPhone buying process down […]

iPhone 5c Cases Delivered Early to Customer’s Doorsteps


Though the iPhone 5c won’t be available until Friday, September 20th, for purchase, Apple has already begun shipping the official cases for the smartphone early and those cases are now beginning to arrive at customer’s homes. The cases are constructed of a form-fitting silicone material and are available in a number of colorful shades made to […]