Logitech Case+ Review

The Logitech Case+ system for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

A $200 iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s case sounds insane, but after you read our Logitech Case+ review you’ll understand why this is the only iPhone 5s case I need and why I switched back after going case-less for months. The Logitech Case+ is five cases in one, and surprisingly it pulls off all of these different […]

$200 iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s Case is The Only One You’ll Need

The Logitech Case [+] for iPhone 5s offers five cases in one.

After you buy an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s one of the next major purchases is a good case, or if you’re like many users several cases to fit a variety of needs. A new all in one iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s case from Logitech is expensive at $200, but the company claims it’s […]

OtterBox iPhone 5s Commuter Wallet Review

The OtterBox iPhone 5s Commuter Series Wallet offers protection and holds up to three cards.

OtterBox is best known for rugged cases that protect the iPhone from drops and the hazards of daily life, and now there is an OtterBox Wallet Case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5. The OtterBox iPhone 5s Commuter Wallet is based on the popular Commuter series from OtterBox. This case isn’t as protective as the […]

Not all iPhone 5 Cases Will Work as an iPhone 5s Case

The new Otterbox iPhone 5S case does not cover the home button Touch ID sensor.

The iPhone 5s is exactly the same size as the iPhone 5, but not all iPhone 5 cases will work with the slightly redesigned iPhone 5s. Apple added one new feature that limits the iPhone 5 case options users can put on the iPhone 5s and retain full functionality — a fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 5s […]

Photo Suggests Apple is Announcing an Official iPhone 5S Case

The iPhone 5 scratches easily, and the iPhone 5S may as well.

Apple may be preparing to announce a leather iPhone 5S case, the first official iPhone case since the company delivered the bumper in 2010. When the iPhone 5 release arrived in 2012 Apple Stores did not carry any iPhone cases for several weeks and Apple did not announce an official iPhone case, instead focusing on […]