iOS 7 Jailbreak Status: What’s Done And Why a Release Date is Unknown

The iOS 7 jailbreak progress continues as a team member shares details.

The iOS 7 jailbreak is in the works with progress coming from Planetbeing and other members of the Evad3rs jailbreak team who recently spoke about iOS security at a security conference in Kuala Lampur and took time to share a status update for the iOS 7 jailbreak, which is likely to be the first iPhone […]

iOS 7 Jailbreak: pod2g Confident for Public Jailbreak

The evasi0n team is working on an iOS 7 jailbreak, but cautions a release is not coming soon.

With the iOS 7 release date arriving in days, the team behind the Evasi0n jailbreak is starting to talk publicly about an iOS 7 jailbreak. Late on Friday the 13th, noted iOS security researcher pod2g and iOS hacker and security expert Nikias Bassen shared a conversation on twitter about iOS 7 jailbreak progress now that […]