iPhone 5S Pre-Order Could Sell Out Faster than Normal

iPhone 5S pre-orders could sell out fast and an iPhone 5S release date could arrive with short supply according to new rumors.

Look for iPhone 5S pre-order offers to sell out quickly in September and the iPhone 5S to remain in short supply until October thanks to production issues associated with the rumored fingerprint sensor. This news comes from a Asian supply chain source, which backs up a rumor form Mid-July that the iPhone 5S would be […]

iPhone 5S Release Date: Don’t Count on September 20

The iPhone 5S release date is tied to the iOS 7 release, but neither is set in stone.

The iPhone 5S release date could take place on September 20th according to the latest Apple reasoning and reports. While an iPhone 5S launch in September is almost certain based on multiple reports, the iPhone 5S release is not nearly as certain and the logic behind picking September 20th as the iPhone 5S release date […]

iPhone 5S Release Likely to Bring Better Battery Life (Photos)

An alleged iPhone 5S photo shows a larger battery that packs more power.

The iPhone 5S release will likely come with better battery life if a pair of alleged iPhone 5S photos which show a bigger battery, Dual-LED flash and iPhone 5 design are to be believed. If legit, these photos may be for an early iPhone 5S prototype, or could show that Apple is closer to being […]

iPhone 5S Summer Release in the Works, Says WSJ

The iPhone 5S release is rumored for the summer with a design and shape similar to the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5S release is once again pegged for summer 2013, as Apple reportedly plans to launch the next iPhone. The next iPhone is almost certainly the iPhone 5S, an iPhone that rumors say will look like the iPhone 5 and deliver a minor set of updated features. After a flurry of iPhone 5S release […]