Apple Hires OLED Expert to Build Better iPhone Screens

iPhone 5 jailbreak Wish for Open iOS

The company that made mentioning “Retina display support” a daily occurrence may be ready to up the stakes of display technology again if their hiring practices are any indication of future plans. Dr. Jueng Jil Lee, an OLED expert in the field of display technology, is joining Apple, taking his display know-how along with him. […]

iPhone 5S: Dissecting the Best and the Worst of Recent Rumors

iPhone 5S colors like iPod Touch 2013

iPhone 5S rumors are back in the spotlight this week as an analyst claims the iPhone 5S release is on for June and that the next iPhone is a completely redesigned device with new features like a Retina+ display and up to 128GB of storage. The iPhone 5S is the name currently given to the next iPhone, which Apple […]