iPhone 6 Release: Carrier Shares Very Specific Date

A second rumor points to an iPhone 6 release date in August, earlier than many predictions.

The new iPhone release date is already rumored for September and a carrier is now telling its customers that the iPhone 6 release date could land on September 19th. For weeks, iPhone 6 rumors and leaks have surfaced, teasing consumers who are going to be in the hunt for a new smartphone in 2014. Rumors […]

iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 & iPhone 6 to Get Touch ID This Year


After the iPhone 5s launched back in September with a fingerprint sensor, rumors began flying about the possibility of the iPad also getting the same treatment. Of course, we have yet to see an iPad come equipped with Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor, but we’re seeing hints that the next iPads (probably the iPad Air […]

iPhone 6: Video Delivers Detailed Look at Rumors


A new video shows off the alleged iPhone 6 model in detail and offers an up close and personal look at the iPhone 6 rumors ahead of the new iPhone release date. iPhone 6 rumors have been surfacing on a regular basis, teasing prospective buyers with alleged details about its screen sizes, screen resolution, release […]

iPhone 6 Features: 7 Things You Need to Know

iPhone 6 - How Thin Can it Be

Over the last several weeks many new details came together about potential iPhone 6 features that buyers can expect this fall. As iOS 8 and WWDC 2014 approach in less than a week many new iPhone 6 rumors cast light on potential features. Although it may seem early to know what Apple plans for the […]

iPhone 6 Release Date: What We Know So Far

A second rumor points to an iPhone 6 release date in August, earlier than many predictions.

When is the new iPhone release date? It’s a question that we get asked every year around this time as WWDC approaches and iPhone rumors begin to heat up. The next iPhone appears to be the iPhone 6 and here, we try to answer that question as best we can by looking at everything we […]

iPhone 6 Price: How You’ll Pay More Without knowing It

Even if Apple doesn't raise the iPhone 6 price many consumers could pay more for a new iPhone.

A new study shows that you may pay more for the new iPhone in 2014, even if the iPhone 6 price remains the same and you score a $0 down deal on one of the new carrier plans that lets you upgrade faster and more frequently. For months analyst after analyst have offered predictions that […]

iPhone 6 Rumors Mount as Release Inches Closer

Even if Apple doesn't raise the iPhone 6 price many consumers could pay more for a new iPhone.

New iPhone 6 rumors continue to emerge at a breakneck pace as we inch closer to WWDC 2014 and Apple’s rumored iPhone 6 release date this fall. As we march deeper into 2014, we’re starting to get a very good read on Apple’s plans for consumers. At WWDC 2014 in June, Apple is expected to […]

iPhone 6 Release Date & Features Rumored

iPhone 6 rumors firm up as Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s deals abound.

New photos of the alleged iPhone 6 design offer an up close and personal look at how the iPhone 6 could stack up next to the iPhone 5s later on this year. For months, we’ve heard about Apple’s supposed plans for the iPhone. Reports, leaks and rumors suggest that Apple is planning a follow up […]

Is this How the iPhone 6 Will Beat the Galaxy S5?

A new rumor suggest Apple is adopting new technology to beat the Galaxy S5's beautiful display.

The iPhone 6 is Apple’s first chance to respond to the Samsung Galaxy S5, and one of the major things Apple needs to compete with is the big, beautiful display. A new rumor suggests Apple plans to adopt a new type of technology that could work with the Sapphire display cover and deliver better color […]

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5s: 7 Most Important Things to Know Right Now

Apps run great on IOS 7.1.1 on the iPhone 5s.

Buy the iPhone 5s now or wait for the iPhone 6, it’s a question that we’ve been asked time and time again. And while we can’t make that decision for you, we can arm you with information that can help you choose between buying last year’s iPhone 5s and the rumored iPhone 6 that’s expected […]

Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6: Photo Shows Possible Matchup

AT&T is launching VoLTE this month which means it should be ready if Apple adds support in IOS 8 and the iPhone 6.

A new photo shows what the iPhone 6 could look like next to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung’s two flagships that will meet the rumored iPhone 6 in battle at some point later on this year. iPhone 6 rumors have been lobbing potential hardware features, release dates and software features […]

iPhone 6 Comparison Shows Off All Previous iPhones in One Photo


The comparison of all all comparisons is here, folks. Apple product insider Sonny Dickson was able to get a hold of an iPhone 6 mockup and compare it to every single previous iPhone that has ever existed. The photos that he posted on his website show all of the iPhone models that were ever released, […]

iPhone 6, Mystery Apple Product & Stock Split Push AAPL Higher

iphone 6 aapl

Apple Stock (AAPL) is on a race that could push the value to $700 ahead of a potential 7 to 1 stock split and anticipation for the iPhone 6, new Apple TV 2014, a MacBook Air Retina and the rumored iWatch. It is clear a mystery Apple product that could arrive on June 2nd is […]

iPhone 6 Concept Compares Rumors to iPhone 5

Reis' iPhone 6 concept is much thinner than the iPhone 5.

Another day, another iPhone 6 concept only this one, from designer Arthur Reis, is a beautiful rendition that delivers a fantastic take on real iPhone 6 rumors. As we move deeper into the year, we’re starting to hear more and more about Apple’s upcoming plans. In just a few weeks, Apple is set to take […]

iPhone 6 Features: Rumor Roundup

iPhone 6 features

The iPhone 6 is expected to arrive at some point later this year, most likely in September just like the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 release dates, but we’ve seen several sketchy rumors so far that point to an August release. In any case, if you’re thinking about upgrading to the iPhone 6 when it […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launch Date Rumors in Line with iPhone 6

The Galaxy Note 3 delivers multitasking that actually lets you use two apps at once, compared to the iPhone 5s, which is about switching and some background processes.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch date rumors just got specific and they point to an arrival shortly before the start of the IFA 2014, in the same month that is rumored to hold the iPhone 6 release date. As we head deeper into 2014, we’re starting to hear more and more about Samsung’s plans […]

Verizon Details Plans to Supercharge Your iPhone in 2014

Verizon VoLTE is coming in 2014 and may come to the iPhone 5s with an iOS 8 update later this year.

Verizon announced new network upgrades that will supercharge the iPhone and Android smartphones later this year with better sounding calls. The new network will likely deliver the ability to talk and use data at the same time on the iPhone 5s through an iOS 8 update and on the rumored new iPhone for 2014. The […]

Waiting to Buy the iPhone 6 instead of an iPhone 5s? You’re Not Alone

More shoppers are skipping the iPhone 5s to wait for the iPhone 6.

A growing number of shoppers are waiting for the iPhone 6 release date instead of buying an iPhone 5s right now, and consumer interest in the un-announced iPhone 6 nears the same level as the iPhone 5s which is nearly seven months old. Even though Apple is not talking about the 2014 iPhone or iPhones […]

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5: 7 Most Important Things to Know So Far


Later this year, many iPhone 5 users will be faced with a tough decision: Keep the iPhone 5 or upgrade to something newer, something potentially better than Apple’s aging flagship. Those who are thinking about an upgrade likely have the rumored Apple iPhone 6 on the mind and here, we take a look at the […]

Apple’s iPhone 6 May Finally Replace Your Wallet

The iPhone 6 may include mobile payments with NFC.

The iPhone 6 may finally replace your wallet as a way to buy gas, groceries and a nice meal if a collection of rumors are true. For the past several years reports claimed Apple was on the edge of launching a mobile payments platform that could include NFC, but it never came to life. Now, […]