Best iPhone 6 Tripod Mounts


When taking photos with your iPhone, you most likely just use two hands to hold it up and snap a photo, but there can be times when a tripod comes in handy. Here are some of the best iPhone 6 tripod mounts that you can buy. Your iPhone photography may never get serious enough to […]

Best iPhone Bike Accessories


It’s that time of the year again where the leaves are coming back and warmer weather is finally a reality. It’s also when bikers are taking their bikes out of storage and prepping them for the road, but before you get back on the saddle and ride away into the sunset, here are some iPhone […]

Where to Buy Cheap iPhone 6 Accessories

iPhone 6 Plus Accessories - Leather iPhone 6 Plus Case

iPhone 6 accessories can be expensive, especially if you buy them straight from Apple, but here are a few places where you can buy iPhone 6 accessories for much cheaper. Apple sells some high-quality accessories, like its iPhone 6 leather case, which comes with an awesome texture that really adds a lot of classy style […]

Straitjacket iPhone 6 Case Review


The iPhone 6 is already several months old, and a bevy of protective cases are available for Apple’s latest flagship, but we got our hands on Loop Attachment’s latest case for the new device and took it for a spin, and it’s called the Straitjacket i6. Loop Attachment is sort of the unsung hero in […]

iPhone 6 Accessories Could Interfere with Camera & NFC


If you’ve been having issues with your iPhone 6 Plus’s camera or the NFC on both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, it could be because magnetic or metal accessories are interfering with your device. It turns out that the optical image stabilization in the iPhone 6 Plus can be interfered with if […]

New Accessory Turns iPhone Into the Ultimate Weather Station

The Thermodo

iPhone and Android users may not have to rely on the observations of sometimes inaccurate weather apps when choosing what to do or what to wear going forward. That’s because Thermodo, a recently released accessory for the iPhone and devices running Google’s Android operating system, allow smartphone owners to determine the exact temperature conditions around them. […]

Best iPhone Accessories from AmazonBasics

iPhone accessories

If you use Amazon frequently to buy most of your goods, you might want to check out Amazon’s in-house accessory brand AmazonBasics if you’re looking for iPhone accessories. The company sells cables, cases, screen protectors and chargers for any iPhone user needing a new accessory on the cheap. Amazon sells pretty much anything you can […]

Smarter Stand for iPhone Holds Headphones, Props Phone Ingeniously

smarter stand back

A tiny piece of plastic won’t excite too many people, except when it ingeniously solves two problems in one. The Smarter Stand for iPhone holds an iPhone, or iPod Touch, user’s earbuds in a tangle-free way while also propping up the iPhone/iPod Touch for comfortable viewing of videos, perfect at work on a desk or […]

Staples Now Sells Apple Accessories Online


Staples now offers Apple accessories including iPad Smart Covers, EarPods and Apple TV through its online store. The accessories come to Staples just a week after store executives admitted the company would sell Apple products, according to 9To5Mac. For now the accessories are only available online, but they may come to Staples stores sometime in […]

Masimo iSpO2 Turns iPhone into Oximeter That’s Not a Medical Device


Masimo, a medical devices company, showed off a new iPhone-compatible oximeter that can help you track of users’ cardiovascular health at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The Masimo iSpO2 is not a true medical device, but it is an example of how the iPhone and iPad can be transformed into more than ‘just’ communications and entertainment […]

ReadyCase is an iPhone 5 Case MacGyver Would Love


ReadyCase makers say that since I carry my iPhone everywhere, a case should do more than just protect and decorate my phone. It should offer some useful tools like a Swiss Army Knife. Their Indiegogo project promises a case that even MacGyver would love. For those who don’t remember, MacGyver was a TV action here in […]

ibattz Mojo Armor Removable Battery Case for iPhone 4S Review

ibattz Mojo Armor Removable Battery Case for iPhone

I’ve tested rugged cases and battery backup cases, but seldom do manufacturers offer both in one package. The ibattz Mojo Armor Removable Battery Case offers that combination in an impressive case that gives the user a very long battery backup, thanks to not just one, but two removable batteries. Buy one case and get two options. […]

ibattz Mojo Treble Review: Geek’s Swiss Army Charger Keychain

ibattz Mojo Treble Key with Card Reader

For convenient universal charging, the ibattz Mojo Treble Key with Card Reader is hard to beat, even if its name doesn’t really describe what it does. They can’t call it the Geek’s Swiss Army Charger, but that’s what it is. In one useful accessory I get a key chain, a USB charger that connects to either […]

Dolly Turns iPhone Into Pro Style Dolly Camera

dolly mount

iStabilizer announced the release of Dolly, an iPhone photo and video accessory that turns the iPhone into a pro style dolly camera great for panning shots or steady moving videos. With it, users can shoot far more stable video or images using Dolly and iStabilizer’s iPhone tripod mounts included in the package. When the pros […]

iPhone Cases that Protect the iPhone and User

nukles red iphone case

For iPhone users who need a little more than the average protection, let me share three iPhone cases that protect the iPhone and user alike. Not only do users get a case that keeps the phone safe but might also keep the person carrying the phone safe as well. One case doubles as a stun […]

eGo Hybrid Series iPhone 4S Case Packs a Tiny USB Drive


The eGo Hybrid Series iPhone Case protects a user’s iPhone 4 or 4S plus it adds something really useful – a USB flash drive. The case snaps onto the back of the iPhone and protects the phone. It also includes a slot to store a USB drive. The company sells the duo as the case […]

Kensington Virtuoso Mini Collapsible Stylus Review


The Kensington Virtuoso Mini Collapsible Stylus for your iPad or iPhone promises to give you a compact inking tool that connects via a small black cylinder to your iOS 30-pin dock connector. ‘ As their website copy says, With it you get “… quick access and you never have to worry about losing your stylus again.” […]

Griffin GuitarConnect Pro Review: Record Your Jams with Ease


The Griffin GuitarConnect Pro interfaces with your Guitar and your iPad or iPhone so you can record your music easily using apps like Apple’s GarageBand. My son Daniel, who’s learning to play guitar, helped me test it out and he loved it. When he gets as good as Jimi Hendrix, I’m sure he’ll steal my […]

Crayola Case Creator: Put Your Picture on Your iPhone Case


The Griffin Crayola Case Creator makes it easy for kids and parents to design their own iPhone cases. Use the free companion app to make a masterpiece that includes a photo, your drawing or some digital “stickers” used to make an individualized case for the iPhone or iPod Touch. The case looks like one of Griffin’s Reveal […]

Musubo iPhone 4S Cases Deliver Unique Style

musubo sexy case

It’s tough to stand out in the crowded iPhone 4S case market, but these new Musubo cases do just that thanks to unique looks and style. In addition to the Musubo Retro iPhone 4S case and the Musubo Sneaker iPhone 4S case, there are a number of interesting looking cases for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. […]