Apple Wants to Make it Easier to find the Best Free iPhone Apps

The new related app search can make finding the best apps easier.

If you love free iPhone apps and hate wading through the search results to find the best iPhone apps in the store, you’ll love the new direction Apple is going. This morning Apple started testing a new search tool for the App Store that shows related searches for apps. Currently the iPhone and iPad App […]

15 iPhone 5S Features You’ll Actually Care About

Here are the best iPhone 5S features.

The iPhone 5S is official and while it looks like the iPhone 5, there is a brand new iPhone under the hood and there are a lot of new iPhone 5S features that iPhone users can look forward to when the iPhone 5S release date arrives later this month. Apple announced a collection of new […]

How To Switch Apps on the iPhone


Switching apps on the iPhone is an easy way to quickly jump between the last several apps open on the iPhone. This guide will show users how to switch apps on the Apple iPhone for a better user experience. Apple’s iOS is dead simple to use, though some features of the iPhone aren’t exactly obvious to […]

7 Amazing Apps to Replace Stock iPhone Apps

Replace Safari with Chrome for iPhone.

Here are a collection of new iPhone apps to replace the stock iPhone apps Apple includes on the iPhone to get users started. Apple’s free iPhone apps make it easy to get started with the iPhone, but even basic users will soon outgrow the built-in iPhone apps, and need to look for iPhone app replacements. […]

Apple Cracking Down on App Store Searching Apps


Following the rejection of AppGratis, Apple continues to limit app discovery apps with more app bans. This according to an anonymous developer talking to PocketGamer. The anonymous developer submitted an app to the App Store that used social networks to help users discover new apps for their iPhone, or other iOS device. Recently, however, Apple […]

App Shopper Recommendation App Returns With Social Integration

App Shopper Social

Months after Apple removed it from the App Store, App Shopper is back with a new app that follows Apple’s guideline by being entirely social. The new App Shopper Social is all about finding apps that your friends or people you follow use, like and recommend. While the previous version of App Shopper curated apps […]

Free iPhone Apps Might Be Riskier Than Android Counterparts

Phone Security

According to a newly released study on application security, free iPhone apps are more likely to access your personal information. This information comes by way of a report by research firm Appthority, which attempts to give a comprehensive look at real world scenarios that could compromise computer networks in the workplace. Their App Reputation Report found that after […]

5 Apps for the iPhone 5


Here are the five apps that every iPhone 5 user needs to get because they take advantage of the iPhone 5’s more powerful processor, 4G LTE and the taller display These apps for the iPhone 5 should make the phone fun and enjoyable to use. The new A6 processor will make power-hungry games work better and […]

What Old Apps Look Like on the iPhone 5’s 4-inch Display

apps letterboxing on iPhone 5

Now that we know the iPhone 5 will officially ship with a taller 4-inch display, some might wonder what this does for older apps that weren’t designed with the longer display in mind. I was concerned that apps would just stretch to fill the screen looking warped. For example, if an app included a circle […]

Developer Sneaks iPhone 5 Compatible App Into App Store

Tout mentions Taller iPhone 5

At least one developer is already building support for the iPhone 5 into their app. Tout, a social network stats app, recently updated to version 1.2 to add a new service (Instagram), but more interesting is that it adds support for a taller iPhone. As Chris Herbert mentioned on Twitter, the second bullet point in […]

StillShot for iPhone Extracts Photos From Video


While the iPhone lacks the ability to take photos and video at the same time like HTC’s One X, a new app does let iPhone users take a still image out of a video easily. According to The Next Web, StillShot is a new iPhone app from Macadamia Apps, the developer behind GroupShot. While GroupShot […]

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Comes to iPhone and iPad, With Some Issues

Marvel vs Capcom 2: Age of Heroes Comes to iOS on April 25

The classic arcade fighting game Marvel vs Capcom 2 is now available in the iOS App Store, but it’s not exactly what we hoped for. Marvel vs Capcom 2 is a fighting game that pits Capcom characters like Mega Man and Street Fighter’s Ryu against Marvel characters like Wolverine and Captain America. Capcom released the […]

Bump to Pay with Bump’s New iPhone App

Bump Pay

Bump has introduced a new iPhone app, Bump Pay, which does exactly what you’d expect from the name. Bump Pay lets users “bump” their iPhones for an easy payments. The new Bump Pay app uses your PayPal account for easy money transfers. After the you enter the value and the phones bumped, your money will transfer […]

iPhone and iPad Apps We Want On Android Smartphones and Tablets

We don’t need every app in the iTunes App Store to make the hop over to the Google Play Store, but there are a few that droid users clamor for more than most. Some we’re going to get in the near future, but others are still stubbornly sticking to iOS. Make some noise for your favorites in the comments.

iPhone Apps Look Significantly Better on the New iPad

iPhone Apps Look Much Better on Apple's New iPad

If you’ve ever used an iPhone application on the original iPad or the iPad 2, you’d know that the experience isn’t all that great. The applications look grainy and they are especially terrible looking when put into 2X view. Fortunately, this is not the case with the new iPad as Apple has added Retina Graphics […]

6 Best Twitter Apps To Celebrate Twitter’s 6th Birthday


Twitter turns six years old today. In dog years, the site is 37 years old, which matches how long it feels like Twitter has been in our lives. In that short time the site has become a way to share and spread news, organize revolutions, and overshare to a ridiculous degree. Twitter’s users generate over […]

New Angry Birds Space Trailer Reveals Little Yet Excites Us More

Angry Birds Space

We only have two more days until Angry Birds Space launches. (At this point, I’m not going to even try to avoid the puns.) Today Rovio posted another new trailer that is designed to tease more than anything. It features a few extra snippets of gameplay and a hint at the storyline around the beginning […]

Get Your March Madness On With Slacker Radio And Other Sports Apps

NCAA March Madness Live

For those of you suffering from March Madness and can’t get to a TV, you can now listen to all of the NCAA Tournament games on your mobile device. Slacker Radio (iOS, Android) is broadcasting all 67 championship games. Beyond this, sports fans will also be able to listen to other games in the future, […]

PBS Kids Launches Dinosaur Train Apps For iPad and iPhone

South by Southwest isn’t just the place to launch apps for over-connected adults, but apparently for the children of said adults (who are probably uber-connected as well). PBS Kids unveiled two new games for iOS at the festival: Dinosaur Train Camera Catch! For iPhone and All Aboard the Dinosaur Train! For iPad. Just in time […]