How to Fix Bad Apple Watch & iPhone Battery Life

Learn how you can fix bad Apple Watch and iPhone battery life in minutes.

Common Apple Watch problems include bad Apple Watch battery life and bad iPhone battery life. For someĀ users the Apple Watch causes the iPhone to go crazy and drain battery very fast. We’ll show you what to do to fix bad iPhone battery life after pairing with the Apple Watch. Even though Apple Watch battery life […]

How to See What Apps Use the Most iPhone Battery Life

Find out what apps are using iPhone battery life on your phone.

When you experience bad iPhone battery life it’s not always the way you’re using the iPhone. With iOS 8 you can see what apps use the most iPhone battery life with just a few taps. Once you discover what apps are using the most iPhone battery life you can stop using the app so much, […]

Facebook App Blamed for Bad iPhone Battery Life

iBattz Mojo Hi5 iPhone 5 battery case

For many iPhone and iPad owners, battery life in iOS has been less than optimal. Apple’s discussion forums are flooded with complaints about poor battery life not only in iOS 6.1 but in other versions of iOS as well. And while many have blamed Apple for the abnormal battery drain, one theory suggests that the […]

Extend Your iPhone 4S Battery Life Via Zen State of Mind

iPhone 4S

Do you control your gadgets or do they control you? As a somewhat tech-savvy gadgets guy (working for a gadgets blog), I started getting emails from friends who had a new iPhone 4S asking if I was getting horrible battery life with the new phone, and people telling me they were reading about battery life […]