CES 2010: SmartCase, modular iPhone case & battery

Here’s another multi-tasking iPhone accessory. Billed as the world’s first smartcase, the SmartCase provides all-around protection, plus the back is swappable with an extended battery or a bill holder. Modular system opens possibilities for the future, such as a mount attachment, some type of scanner, or just pretty personalization.

CES 2010: P-Flip, folding battery pack/stand

Too many iPod/iPhone batteries that are just batteries here. I like something with extra value, even if it’s as simple as functioning as a horizontal or vertical stand, like the P-Flip here. Nice for setting next to the bed in the hotel or camouflaging your iPhone as a flip phone.

InCase Power Slider For The iPhone 3G


Batter power in the world of the iPhone 3G has been a hot topic since its release.  I normally don’t have too big of a problem making it a full day with Exchange Push and polling 2 POP accounts.  But, CES is coming soon and I’m sure that the GBM team will be using their […]