5 Reasons You Don’t Need an iPhone Case


iPhone cases prevent a lot of damage during unfortunate accidents, both to the device and your wallet, but are they really needed? The main reason why users put cases on their iPhones is because accidents happen. Obviously, people don’t actually try to purposely drop their phones, but if someone bumps into you, knocking your iPhone […]

iPhone Case Takes on Galaxy S5 with Heart Rate Monitor and More


Samsung’s Galaxy S5 turned a lot of heads when it was announced last month, mainly due to the integration of a heart rate monitor and the accompanying S Health app, turning the phone into a health and fitness tracking device. The iPhone 5s’s M7 co-processor is taking on that challenge as well, but a new […]

ZeroChroma Reveals iPhone 5s & iPad mini Cases with Kickstands

Flip back the cover to take a photo with the iPad mini.

ZeroChroma is back with a thinner iPhone 5s case, a new iPad mini case and a new design that offers more angles than previous cases. These cases include a built-in kickstand that lets users quickly prop up the iPhone or iPad mini without the need to carry a kickstand with you. The Gotta Be Mobile […]

Typo iPhone Case Turns Your iPhone Into a BlackBerry

CES 2014 PepCom -  061-X2

The Typo iPhone case, a case currently embroiled in controversy thanks to a lawsuit from BlackBerry, is an iPhone case that wants to do exactly what one might expect from a case being sued by the makers of the famous physical keyboard. It wants to turn the iPhone into a BlackBerry. For many users, moving […]

Crowdfunded Magic Case Almost Turns an iPhone Into Swiss Army Knife

magic case for iphone

The Magic Case for the iPhone looks like one of the most useful cases designed, with so many features it pretty much turns your iPhone case into the Swiss Army knife. Sadly, buyers can’t get one right now since it’s a crowdfunded project on Indigogo, the Kickstarter competitor. The Magic Case for the iPhone offers […]

TwelveSouth Announces SurfacePad iPhone Case

TwelveSouth SurfacePad for iPhone

TwelveSouth’s newest iPhone case is for those who want a thin, attractive case that also covers the screen of the iPhone. The new SurfacePad for iPhone is a relatively simple case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S that covers both the back and front of the iPhone. The case wraps the iPhone in a […]

CM4 Q Card Case for iPhone Review

cm4 q-card iphone 5 case

The CM4 Q Card case for iPhone 5 simplifies things for users by turning their iPhone into a wallet that can hold some cards, a little cash or other personal items. This protective iPhone 5 case also adds some optional color but suffers from a cheap look and feel. CM4 designed the case using what […]

Sensus iPhone Case Adds Vita-like Backtouch

Sensus iPhone case

A new iPhone case from Canopy adds backtouch to the iPhone 4/4S to make it possible to play games without on-screen controls or worrying about thumbs getting in the way. The backtouch feature is similar to what’s found on the PlayStation Vita . The new Sensus case also works with non-game apps so users can interact with their iPhone without putting […]

ibattz Mojo Armor Removable Battery Case for iPhone 4S Review

ibattz Mojo Armor Removable Battery Case for iPhone

I’ve tested rugged cases and battery backup cases, but seldom do manufacturers offer both in one package. The ibattz Mojo Armor Removable Battery Case offers that combination in an impressive case that gives the user a very long battery backup, thanks to not just one, but two removable batteries. Buy one case and get two options. […]

Armor Series is Otterbox’s Toughest iPhone Case Yet

Otterbox Armor Series

Otterbox, the case manufacturer known for making tough smartphone cases is about to release what it calls “the toughest case we’ve ever built” for the iPhone. That case is the new Armor Series for iPhone. The new case uses a thermal plastic shell and a “medical grade stainless steel latch” to protect the iPhone from […]

Musubo Sneaker iPhone 4S Case Review: Perfect for Sneakerheads


The Musubo Sneaker case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S delivers protection with the flair of a sneaker tread design on the back. If you chase new Nike’s for a hobby, this is an iPhone 4S case you need to check out. If you prefer a different look, check out the Musubo Retro Case, with an […]

Beautiful Waterproof iPhone Case is Only .25mm Thin

Beautiful Waterproof iPhone Case is Only .25mm Thin

The Case Marine is an impossibly thin waterproof iPhone case that really needs to come to the United States. Discovered by Gizmodo, the case represents something profoundly different in the world of waterproof iPhone cases. While most waterproof iPhone cases are bulky and ugly, the Case Marine is both attractive and thin. The case only […]

Watch an iPhone Survive a 82 MPH Slapshot (Video)

G-form X-Protect iPhone case

The iPhone, ice and a slapshot don’t usually mix, but in a promotion for the new G-Form X-Protect iPhone case, we can watch an iPhone sail into the goal thanks to an 82 MPH slapshot. With the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs in full swing, G-Form took advantage of the hockey mania to test out the extreme […]

id America Gasket iPhone Case Review

id America Gasket Case Review

iPhone cases are a dime a dozen, but now and then I see one that stands out. Enter the Gasket iPhone case from id America. The id America Gasket case is a brushed aluminum iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S case that looks absolutely stunning. The machined case is inspired by the head gasket you’d find inside a […]

BiKN is an iPhone Case with a Twist


Today at CES 2012, we had a chance to check out a new gadget and app, both called BiKN, developed by Treehouse Labs, which aims to help you keep track of the things that you love, like say, your keys, while also keeping track of your iPhone. So, how does it work exactly? Let’s take […]

Third Man 45 Case Protects iPhone 4S with a Vinyl Record

Griffin Technology Third Man Vinyl Record Case

How would you like to carry around your 21st century tunes (files on your iPhone) in a case made from something originally invented back in the 19th century? The Griffin Third Man 45 (as in 45 rpm records) iPhone 4S Case uses a real 7″ vinyl record, which has been custom-cut and fit into a protective […]

Optrix HD Sport Case Turns iPhone Into Extreme Sport Camera


I’m a sucker for cook photography gear and unique iPhone accessories, so the Optrix HD case for the iPhone 4/4S intrigued me. The case turns your iPhone 4/4S into an extreme sports camera which you can mount on your helmet as you go mountain biking, skiing or other death-defying activities. The case is water-proof, and […]

Best 5 iPhone 4S Cases

id America Gasket Case iPhone 4S

Snagging yourself a new iPhone 4S on the 14th? Don’t forget to get a case for it. That glass back might be pretty, but it isn’t shatter-proof. Sure, you could use your existing case, but what’s the fun in that? And you won’t need Apple’s bumper cases anymore thanks to the new antenna design. (Or, […]

The Real Story Behind iPhone 5 Case Leaks [Video]

Screen Shot 2011-09-20 at 1.56.47 PM

Aside from the rumored iPhone 5 release date of October 5th, the biggest iPhone 5 rumors have come from leaked iPhone 5 cases. These cases all come back to one of the first iPhone 5 leaks back in which are traced to a design document from July. Since then we have seen a number of […]

BungeeAir iPhone Case Reminds, Secures and Finds Your Keys

Kensington BungeeAir iPhone Case

Kensington has a new iPhone 4 case out that adds a number of nice features to your iPhone without adding significant bulk. The BungeeAir Protect Wireless Security Tether and BungeeAir Power Wireless Security Tether for iPhone help you remember your iPhone, secure your iPhone and can find your keys. The Power model adds a battery […]