iPhone 5C Concept Brings Plastic iPhone to Life

The iPhone 5C is rumored for arrival later on this year.

*+-The iPhone 5C, Apple’s rumored cheap iPhone, has come to life thanks to concept photos that showcase what a cheaper iPhone, and its packaging, might look like should it arrive later in the year. Rumors suggest that Apple may announce a new, cheaper iPhone alongside the flagship iPhone 5S. That device, which has come to […]

iPhone 5 Concept Appears in Video

iPhone 5 Concept Appears in Video

*+-While several iPhone 5 concepts have appeared as images, today we have a look at an iPhone 5 concept on video. Isaac Royo, courtesy of 9to5Mac, posted a video today showcasing an iPhone with a 3.95-inch screen and several other bells and whistles that have been rumored to be coming along with Apple’s next iPhone. […]

iPhone 5 Liquidmetal Concept is Gorgeous (Photos)

iPhone Concept

*+-There have been rumors in regards to a possible Liquidmetal design on Apple’s iPhone 5 and one designer decided to make those rumors a reality and the result is one of the most gorgeous iPhone 5 concepts yet. The concept is from French designer Antoine Brieux, courtesy of Redmond Pie, and it depicts an iPhone […]