Apple Officially Calls Original iPhone Obsolete

The original iPhone

Apple Stores will soon be transitioning the first-generation iPhone to obsolete status, officially ending the run of a smartphone that has come symbolize a new approach to mobile computing for the company. Documents leaked to 9to5MacĀ indicate that the change status will occur on June 11. On that date, the original iPhone will be classified as […]

Biography Reveals Steve Jobs Declared Thermonuclear War Against Android


Steve Jobs’ biography titled ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson, coming Monday, reveals the late Apple executive’s disdain and utter hatred for rival Google’s Android operating system. At one point, Jobs says that he is declaring thermonuclear war against Android. When the iPhone came out in mid-2007 with what was then the iPhone OS, it joined […]

Next Apple TV might run iPhone OS (and be useful)


According to Engadget, the next iteration of Apple TV will shift further away from being a crippled Mac and much closer to being, well, a crippled iPhone. Might sound like a downgrade, but here’s the kicker – they’re aiming for a price-point of $99. Better, right? Maybe but there are still key questions to be […]

Apple’s WWDC keynote to include Steve Ballmer?

The Steve Ballmer I know doesn't pull punches.

Here’s a rumor that’s sure to make the heads explode of fanboys from all corners: Steve Ballmer is said to be speaking at the keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference next week, talking about using Visual Studio 2010 to build apps for the Apple environment. Let the Internet be set ablaze!

Thoughts on Flash Don’t Matter


Today, Steve Jobs published his thoughts on Flash, specifically the six reasons why it isn’t supported by the iPhone OS. It’s nothing new, pretty much a summary of all the reasons previously cited, but ultimately, the party really keeping Flash from running on the iPhone has been Adobe.

How does multi-tasking work in iPhone OS 4?


As expected, Apple rolled out a multi-tasking system in iPhone OS 4, and it is quite impressive. It is not, however, a thoughtless “let multiple apps run at once” proposal. Instead, they’re offering specific functions that run in the background that should keep it from being a huge drain on battery, processor and users. Updated!

Apple eyeing new platforms for iPhone OS


The guys at Computerworld were apparently thumbing through the classified ads recently (on their touchscreen devices, not newspapers, of course) and stumbled upon an interesting posting by Apple for an engineering manager to “lead a team focused on bring-up of iPhone OS on new platforms.” New platforms? Color me intrigued.