iPhone’s Tracking Data Erupts Into a Full Blown Mess


Yesterday we posted about the fact that the Apple iPhone tracks data and keeps it in a hidden file on the phone itself as well as in the backup files that are created when you sync your phone to whatever device you sync it with. As I said then some were pretty upset about this […]

iPhone Tracker: Apple Has Your Permission to Track You


The revelation that Apple logs iPhone and iPad users’ movements has caused a fire storm. Privacy advocates, consumers and even politicians are crying foul, but this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. In fact, every iPhone and iPad 3G user has given Apple permission to track their movements. Most likely, Apple’s primary reason […]

iPhone Tracker Shows Your Tracks


Do you know where your iPhone says you’ve been? If you’re one of those folks who are curious about how your smartphones track you this little application offers an interesting look into where you’ve been. iPhone Tracker installs on an OSX device that you’ve been syncing your iPhone to. It then scans your iPhone backup […]