No New iPods for 2013 May Push Shoppers to iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2

There is no new iPod touch for 2013, which makes the iPad mini 2 and iPhone 5s a potential target for some shoppers.

Apple skipped out on new iPods for 2013, which means shoppers may see a few more deals this holiday season and those who want the latest technology for gaming may need to buy an iPad or an iPhone. New iPods were the go to announcement for Apple every fall, but this year Apple announced the […]

iOS 7.1 Update Predictions (iPhone & iPad)

The iOS 7 jailbreak progress continues as a team member shares details.

With the iOS 7.0.3 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch now a few weeks old, iPhone and iPad owners, particularly those who are dealing with iOS 7.0.3 problems, are looking toward the future. And while we haven’t seen anything emerge just yet, that doesn’t mean that we can’t make some predictions about Apple’s next […]

iOS 7.0.4 Update: Calls for Swift Release Grow


Calls for an iOS 7.0.4 update or iOS 7.1 update from Apple continue to get louder as iPhone and iPad owners continue to deal with a myriad of issues that have plagued Apple’s brand new iOS 7 update since it arrived back in September. In September, Apple released the iOS 7 update for iPhone, iPad […]

Apple Excludes iPod in Holiday Product Announcements


Apple watchers pay close attention to what is said and not said whenever there is a product announcement. Heck, even invitations to those events are subject to speculative scrutiny that rivals Cold War Kremlin watching to try and discern what Apple’s intentions are. There was quite a bit of news in this most recent Apple […]

iOS 7.0.3 Update Arrives for iPhone & iPad Users


Apple’s iPad event has come and gone and while the company announced two new iPads in the iPad Air and the new iPad mini 2, the company failed to announce a brand new iOS update. However, shortly after the announcement, the company did roll out a bug fix update in iOS 7.0.3, saving iOS 7.1 […]

iOS 7.0.2 Problems Frustrate iPhone & iPad Users

Change wallpaper iOS 7

Last week, Apple rolled out an iOS 7.0.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The update was aimed at fixing a lock screen flaw that allowed nefarious users to view things like photos in the camera roll. Unfortunately, it now appears as though the update has a lock screen issue of its own which […]

iOS 7 Problems Plaguing iPhone & iPad Users

Better ioS 7 battery life

While only one major iOS 7 bug has been discovered thus far, a bug that prompted Apple to quickly push out an iOS 7.0.2 update, there are a host of minor issues that iPhone and iPad owners using iOS 7 are complaining about including issues with battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, their Bluetooth connection and more. […]

Wren V5AP AirPlay Speaker: Great Sound but Needs Update

wren v5ap airplay speakers finishes

The Wren V5AP AirPlay Speaker looks attractive and pushes great sound, but the company made the unfortunate choice of shipping it with the old 30-pin Apple dock connector. When someone pays $400 for a speaker alone, they shouldn’t need a $20 adapter to set it up. Despite that we really liked the speaker. Here’s what […]

iOS 7 Release Day Roundup: Issues, Guides, Tips & More

Here's what you can change in the iOS 7 Control Center.

Apple’s iOS 7 might have been formally announced that this year’s World Wide Developer Conference, but today marks the first time uses without early access can download the next edition of Apple’s mobile operating on their iPhone and iPads. Since the software arrived at 1 p.m. GottaBeMobile has monitored the situation, delivering the latest How To’s, […]

iOS 7 Software Update Failed Errors Frustrate Users

Users trying to install iOS 7 have encountered an error.

Those trying to upgrade to the new iOS 7 update have encountered an issue during the installation process with iPhone and iPad owners reporting a “Software Update Failed” error while downloading the software from Apple’s servers shortly after the iOS 7 release. Just a short time ago, Apple released iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and […]

7 iOS 7 Release Date Tips

ioS 7 release date

Tomorrow, the iOS 7 release date will arrive for millions of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners across the globe. Many owners plan on upgrading to Apple’s brand new software on day one and for those that are thinking about installing the software tomorrow, we have a few tips that may help the process go […]

9 iOS 7 Release Date Predictions

iOS 7 is finally here though some users are unable to download it.

The iOS 7 release date was confirmed last week for Wednesday, September 18th. Ahead of the iOS 7 release for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it’s time to make some bold predictions in regard to what will take place the day that iOS changes forever. In June, Apple took the stage in San Francisco at […]

7 Things to Do Before Installing iOS 7

iOS 7 is finally here though some users are unable to download it.

On Tuesday, Apple not only announced the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, it also showed off its new iOS 7 operating system and gave it a release date. As the iOS 7 release date bears down on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners, we wanted to share some tips on how to best prepare […]

iOS 7 Release Date Breakdown

The iOS 7 release date is likely set for September 18th, not September 10th.

As expected, Apple announced the iOS 7 release date for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at today’s iPhone 5S launch event, giving owners of its older devices a date on which to expect the update. There is far more to the iOS 7 release date than the date itself and here, we breakdown everything iPhone, […]

iPod Isn’t Dead Yet: New “Space Gray” Color Launched

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 5.19.24 PM

Apple didn’t announce any new iPods today, but that doesn’t mean they’re killing them off. The Cupertino-based company quietly added a new color choice today for the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. Those interested in getting a new iPod will now have the option of selecting “Space Gray” as a color, which is […]

5 Reasons to Update to iOS 7 on Release Day

It's time to clean up any deadweight ahead of the iOS 7 release date.

Apple is brewing up two new iPhones, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, and both of them are expected to usher in Apple’s iOS 7 era. Tomorrow’s iPhone event will more than likely provide an iOS 7 release date for owners of the iPhone and there are several reasons why iPhone owners should think […]

7 Reasons Not to Update to iOS 7 on Release Day

Our new iOS 7 video highlights the new iOS 7 features and we offer a possible iOS 7 release date.

The iOS 7 release date is at hand with Apple scheduled to talk iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iOS 7 at tomorrow’s iPhone event in Cupertino. At the event, we should hear about the iOS 7 release date and as exciting as that is, there are plenty of reasons why iPhone and iPad users might […]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPod touch Right Now

Apple could announce a new iPod touch 6th generation this week.

The iPod touch is a popular gadget to buy and give as a gift, but users should hold off on buying the iPod touch fifth generation for a few days as Apple could announce a new model at a media event this week. Apple announced the iPod touch fifth generation at the iPhone and iOS event […]

DeskConnect for Mac iPhone and iPad is What AirDrop Should Be

deskconnect for iOS

Apple introduced AirDrop with OSX 10.7 Lion and it will find its way into iOS 7 when Apple launches it at their launch event on September 10, but so far some users find it lacking and wish it worked better. This opens the door for a tool like DeskConnect, which runs on a Mac running […]

iPhone Owners Who Were Refused Repairs Based on Water Sensors: Act Now


Users who purchased an iPhone before 2010 and were refused service under their device’s warranty because Apple believed the device to be damaged by liquid, have until October to apply for their portion of a $53 million settlement. Of that $53 million, users could see an average payout ranging from $215 for a 4GB original […]