Apple Introduces Free App of the Week Program


Apple recently made a few changes to the iOS App Store, including a free “App of the Week” program. According to Gamezebo, Apple now has “Editor’s Choice” apps in the App Store as opposed to “App of the Week” and “Game of the Week.” The store still highlights apps and games with “Editor’s Choice,” but […]

New iPod Touch Coming with Larger Display?

New iPod Touch Coming with Larger Display?

It appears that the iPhone 5 might not be the only mobile device in Apple’s stable that receives a bump in screen size as a part leak indicates that the iPod touch might see a jump in screen size as well. MacRumors has leaked an alleged front panel of the next-generation iPod touch that seems […]

iOS 6 Beta Coming Soon

iOS 6 Beta Coming Soon

It appears that Apple is gearing up to release iOS 6 beta based on code strings found within an iCloud beta website that Apple is working on. First discovered by 9to5Mac, the website revealed a beta version of an website that revealed Apple’s plans for new web-based Reminders and Notes applications. The site […]

iOS 5.1.1 Rolling Out to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with Bug Fixes

iOS 5.1.1

Apple has started rolling out iOS 5.1.1 to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The software update is an over the air update, focused on bug fixes and does not appear to add any new features to the iPhone and iPad. Owners waiting for an iPhone 4S iOS 5.1 jailbreak should avoid this update until […]

PoP Video is a $99 Pico Projector for iPhone and iPod Touch

PoP Video

PoP Video isn’t the only pico projector available for the iPhone, but it is an inexpensive one that’s easy to carry around in a pocket. The PoP Video is a small projector that attaches to the dock connector of the iPhone or iPod touch. The projector rests on the bottom of the device, essentially making […]

How to Make a FaceTime Call on the iPhone

How to Make a FaceTime call

Making a FaceTime call on the iPhone is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family members with an iPhone, iPad or Mac. FaceTime lets you see the people you are talking to, making it a little more like you’re face to face. FaceTime is the perfect way to say hi to […]

Best Time to Buy an iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Best Time to Buy an iPhone, iPad iPod Touch

Apple normally keeps the price of the iPad and iPhone steady, but dealhunters can find a better deal on the iPad and iPhone is they are willing to wait. Dealnews monitors deals with a statistical addiction to pricing which allows them to figure out when to expect the first price cut on the iPad and […]

Apple Testing iPhone 5 and iPod Touch with A5X CPU

iPhone 5 design mock-up

New iPhone rumors point to the inclusion of the Apple A5X processor, capable of delivering better graphics and a new design with a 4-inch display. Additionally, there are rumors that the iPod Touch will receive the Apple A5X processor, marking its first meaningful upgrade since 2010. According to 9To5Mac, Apple is testing a new iPhone with a […]

How To Quit Frozen iPhone Apps

Slide to Power Off

The iPod Touch and iPhone are good at closing apps that misbehave, but if your iPhone locks up on a misbehaving app, you don’t have to restart to fix the problem. Frozen apps are a pain, especially if you can’t double tap the home button to pull up recently used apps and quit them. (Read: How to […]

HTC Patent Reveals Competitor to iPod Touch, Galaxy Player


After having been in the smartphone business for over a decade, HTC may be looking to expand its product portfolio. A recent patent application filed in early 2011 reveals that HTC may be looking to expand its ecosystem and create a media player, or phone-less handheld device that connects to the Internet only via WiFi, […]

Apple Says The New iPad’s Battery Is Fine

New iPad

With the new iPad, there are conflicting reports as to exactly how long the battery needs to charge before being at full capacity. Many say that the new iPad’s battery isn’t at 100% until one hour or more after the battery icon indicates it is. Apple says that isn’t true. Talking to All Things D, […]

63% of iPhone and iPad Users Updated to iOS 5.1 Within 15 Days

Apple released iOS 5.1 on the same day it announced the new iPad. Since its release iPhone and iPad users have been quick to update their devices to the latest version. According to David Smith, the developer of Audiobooks for iOS, 63% of all iOS users have adopted iOS 5.1 within 15 days of its […]

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 to Battle iPod touch in U.S.

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 Coming to U.S. to Battle iPod touch

At last year’s IFA conference in Berlin, Samsung announced a device called the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6, a portable music player that uses Android 2.3 Gingerbread as its operating system. It’s an intriguing device and one that is squarely aimed at Apple’s iPod touch. Well, for those interested in the United States, Samsung has […]

Check Out Real Time Translation During Video Chat in Vocre 2.0 (Video)

Vocre 2.0

Smartphone apps have made translation simpler in everyday life, but most apps are only useful for text and in-person conversations. The new Vocre 2.0 makes it easier to translate video chat conversations that take place across countries and languages. Vocre 2.0 is an iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app that offers FaceTime-esque video chat with translation […]

How to Upgrade to iOS 5.1

How to Upgrade to iOS 5.1

In addition to announcing a new iPad, Apple also launched a new version of its mobile software called iOS 5.1 at its event today in San Francisco. While the update isn’t exactly the massive update that we thought it would be, it does bring quite a few features to the table for iDevice owners including […]

Apple’s Servers Giving Errors to iOS 5.1 Upgraders

Apple's Servers Giving Errors to iOS 5.1 Upgraders

Apple has announced the new iPad, complete with Retina Display, 4G LTE and a new camera, but it also unveiled iOS 5.1, the latest version of the company’s mobile software. And while the software has become available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners, some users are having issues snagging the update from Apple’s servers. […]

iOS 5.1 Now Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iOS 5.1 Now Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The iPad announcement has come and gone but that wasn’t the only big reveal that came from Apple’s event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. In addition to the iPad, Apple also announced a major update to its mobile operating system in iOS 5.1 which will be bringing a number of new features […]

GottaBeFunded: Last Alert – Find Your iPhone Even When It’s Dead

Last Alert iPhone Apps

Dan Shapley spends an inordinate amount of time looking for his iPhone. It’s not that he’s prone to losing it himself so much, he just lives in a house with game-obsessed kids. “I’ve got three kids that continually sneak off to some corner of the house with my iPhone, play games until the battery dies, […]