New iPod Touch Coming with Larger Display?

New iPod Touch Coming with Larger Display?

It appears that the iPhone 5 might not be the only mobile device in Apple’s stable that receives a bump in screen size as a part leak indicates that the iPod touch might see a jump in screen size as well. MacRumors has leaked an alleged front panel of the next-generation iPod touch that seems […]

Man Implants 4 Magnets in Wrist to Hold iPod Nano

iPod nano watch with magnets

After Apple unveiled the new iPod nano in late 2010, we’ve seen a number of wristbands that turn the device into a wristwatch. To our knowledge, nobody decided to put magnets in their wrist to hold the iPod nano until now. According to Gizmodo, tattoo artist Dave Hurban used dermal implants to secure his iPod […]

1 in 4 iPad Owners Are First Time Apple Customers

Apple Sold 35 Million iPhones and Nearly 12 Million iPads in Q2

A new research report shows that more than a quarter of all iPad owners say the iPad is their first Apple product.  According to NPD’s “Apple Ecosystem Study,” iPad sales are accelerating and attracting technology buyers that passed on the iPhone, iPod and Mac. After just over two years on the market, the iPad will soon surpass the iPod […]

Apple Sold 35 Million iPhones and Nearly 12 Million iPads in Q2

Apple Sold 35 Million iPhones and Nearly 12 Million iPads in Q2

Apple has released its fiscal Q2 results today, which include sales figures for both the iPhone and the iPad, and the figures are unexpectedly big. Over the March quarter, the Cupertino-based company posted $39.2 billion in revenue with a net profit of $11.6 billion. Those figures are way up from the same quarter a year […]

Apple Ready to Shrink Dock Connector on Next iDevice


According to iMore, Apple is ready to abandon the classic dock connector that debuted since the iPod on next-generation iOS devices. The new dock connector would be smaller and would therefore not be backward-compatible with the old dock connectors in use today, creating new opportunities for accessories-manufacturers as well as Apple to create products and […]

Apple Launching Store-Within-a-Store Concept at Target?

Apple iPad 2

For many of you, you have easy access to an Apple Store. A place where you can go scope the new products, test them out, get help with a device, and much more. However, they aren’t accessible to everyone, especially those that live far away from metropolitan areas. Well, it seems Apple plans on taking […]

Apple Black Friday 2011: What to Wait For

Black Friday Mac Deals

With Black Friday but a few weeks away, more readers are asking us what to expect from Apple on Black Friday 2011. Black Friday is November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving. We briefly covered Black Friday predictions last month, but now we are taking a deeper dive into Apple Black Friday 2011 plans and predictions. […]

Apple’s iTunes Match Misses October Launch Deadline

iTunes Match

Today marked the end of the month of October which means that Apple has missed its self imposed deadline for the launch of its iTunes Match service. Originally announced all the way back at WWDC, Apple had made it clear at the iPhone 4S event that the service would be rolling out to the general […]

iPod Nano Gets 16 Watch Faces, Tracks Fitness: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, LED

Ipod nano watch mickey mouse

Apple unveiled a new update to the iPod Nano today, showing off a few new features that will excite fitness nuts and watch lovers. The new iPod Nano, which is available starting today, has a built in fitness center and includes 16 new watch faces — including micky mouse and minnie mouse. The iPod Nano includes 16 […]

Apple Denied Trademark on Multi-Touch


Finally. It seems like someone in the patent process has decided to apply some common sense and perspective. Apple had applied for a patent on the term “multi-touch” in 2007 when it released the first iPhone. At the time just about everyone who had been using multi-touch on other devices thought this was an over […]

Next Gen iPod Touch Only Getting Small Upgrade: This Is Not A Tragedy

iPod Touch

By all accounts, the iPhone 5 that’s due to be officially announced in October will have plenty of new features and design elements to entice current owners and draw even more consumers into the Apple fold. The same might not be true for the iPod Touch. According to sources for MacRumors and TechCrunch, the iPod […]

White iPod Touch Coming in October with Very Minor Hardware Changes


Apple is expected to debut an updated iPod Touch model this Fall alongside the much rumored iPhone 4S and/or iPhone 5 smartphone models. The new iPod Touch, like the iPhone before it, will be made available in white where the front screen bezel would be white. Additionally, according to MacRumors, there will also be some […]

Apple to Introduce iPod Touch 3G This Month?


A new rumor is circulating that Apple may introduce a new iPod Touch model this month that would add cellular mobile broadband connectivity in addition to WiFi this month. The move would essentially make the 3G iPod Touch a device that’s similar, but smaller, in function to Apple’s iPad with 3G. Though the iPod Touch […]

A Look Back at 10 Years of iProduct Launches on

ive thumbnail

As Apple fans will likely be lining up for the newest iPhone (and possibly iPad 3) within the next couple of months, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at where it all started. Courtesy of the internet time capsule Wayback Machine, we took a trip back to see just how […]

iOS 5 Reveals Clues About GPS-Enabled 3G iPod Touch?


Today’s iPod Touch is the lesser sibling of the iPhone, eschewing the more expensive device’s cellular radios and GPS functionality, but iOS 5 reveals clues that the iPod Touch will come with a cellular radio and GPS toggle switches. Rumors of a 3G-enabled iPod Touch without voice capabilities, like the 3G-enabled iPad, have been going […]

Apple Sold 70 iPads and 156 iPhones a Minute in Q3

Apple ipad money maker

Apple announced the company’s third quarter financial results today, and while the profit growth is impressive, the sheer number of iPads and iPhones sold in the last 90 days is simply astounding. Apple sold 20.34 million iPhones last quarter, a 142% growth from just a year ago. Even more impressive is the 183% iPad growth compared […]

Is the iPod About to Kick the Bucket?

ipod electric chair

With the iPhone and the iPad becoming Apple’s new bread and butter over the last several years, what is to become of its former child star – the iPod? Last week Christina Bonnington of Wired speculated that the music player line could be on its deathbed. We examine why this could be true – but […]

Locked In and Loving It: How Apple’s Master Plan Paid Off

happily locked in ios

Yet another perk for Apple’s using a closed ecosystem is that every purchase users make is a little commitment to their platform. With each iOS user having invested an average of $100 in apps, according to AppleInsider, it’s looking like Apple’s “customer loyalty” is in no danger of falling any time soon. But this “loyalty” […]

Will The Next iPod Touch Have 3G Connectivity?

iPod touch

According to a report from Dutch blog called, Apple’s next iPod touch might have new antennas and 3G connectivity if and when it arrives at some point in the future. As you may know, the current iPod touch is essentially an iPhone without the phone. It allows you to connect to the App Store […]