Lowes Iris Adds Home Voice Control, Garage Door Opener & More

The Iris system can detect leaks and with a second unit shut off the water.

The Lowes Iris home automation system now offers an expanded lineup of convenience and safety to users who choose to install the DIY home automation system from Lowes with voice control, a garage door control that doesn’t require a new garage door, sprinkler control, leak detection with water shutoff and more. Iris is an affordable […]

New Intel Integrated Graphics Could Lead To Retina MacBook Air


Intel’s new integrated graphics could lead to much better laptop gaming  and may make a Retina Display MacBook Air more feasible. The new line of Intel graphics chips come with the company’s Haswell CPUs that will make future Ultrabooks thinner and more efficient and will likely come to the next refresh of MacBooks. At the […]

Lowes Makes DIY Home Automation an Affordable Reality

Lowes Iris Home Automation - 4

Home automation is a continual CES trend, but during CES 2013 we saw one of the most exciting advances in home automation since the Nest. Lowes’ Iris home automation system is a DIY-er’s dream, delivering home automation and controls to homes and apartments for users who want to start with the basics and expand to link their entire home […]