LG G4 Problems Fixed in New Update

LG G4 Review

LG’s new G4 smartphone is one of the best Android devices available on the market right now. It features a big and bright 5.5-inch 2k display, stunning genuine leather build materials, the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop and arguably the best camera on any smartphone. However, it does have a few problems, and an issue with […]

LG G4 Problems Frustrate Owners

LG G4 Review

The new LG G4 is arguably one of the best Android smartphones released in 2015 and has plenty to offer with a big 5.5-inch screen, great performance, and one of the best cameras of any smartphone. But all of that doesn’t come without at least a few complaints. Now that the LG G4 is available […]

LG G2 Android 4.4 KitKat Update Problems Emerge


The LG G2 Android 4.4 KitKat update has been rolling out to various users and carriers over the past two months, bringing with it loads of changes, performance improvements, and updating the device to the latest version of Google’s Android. AT&T in the United States was first to issue Android 4.4.2 KitKat for the LG […]

Moto G Android 4.4 KitKat Update Problems Emerge

Moto G Review - 7

The new Motorola has adopted a strategy to be one of the first manufacturers to update its smartphones to the latest versions of Google’s Android. The Moto G Android 4.4.2 KitKat update is a prime example. We saw this with the Moto X getting Android 4.4 before some Nexus devices, not to mention Motorola issued […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Owners Reporting Battery Drain Issues

Galaxy S III owners are dealing with a battery drain issue.

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S III are reporting a battery drain issue that might be caused by the phone’s software. According to Galaxy S III owners on the XDA-forums, the device is seeing an abnormal battery drain issue that might be directly tied to the software’s cell standby feature. If that’s the case, the […]

Apple Replacing New iPads with WiFi Problems

New iPad WiFi Issues

Apple is investigating complaints of poor WiFi performance on the new iPad. New iPad owners who cannot connect to WiFi, experience slow connections or lose connections can take the iPad to an Apple store to get a replacement. 9to5Mac shares an internal AppleCare document detailing the problem. Apple employees are to “capture” the new iPad devices with […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Gets First Major Issue

Galaxy Nexus

If you’ve ever read about, owned, or had a friend own a smartphone, you’re probably aware that these devices usually have some issues on board, especially products that fresh off a launch. And while the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a beast of a smartphone, it unfortunately is not immune to these issues. Yes folks, it […]

Latest iPhone 4S Bug Forces Users to Yell ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’


A new bug was discovered on the iPhone 4S–following previous bugs related to battery issues, audio echoing, and speed issues–that prevented its owners from hearing anything on the earpiece speaker when placing calls. Though it appears that the other party can hear perfectly well, iPhone 4S callers cannot hear the people they are trying to […]

Audio Echo the Latest Problem Plaguing the iPhone 4S


A new audio echo bug is now being reported to plague numerous iPhone 4S handsets after an earlier battery bug was discovered. Apple has yet to address the audio echo bug, but users are complaining that the problem exists when connected to a wired headset. When a wired headset is plugged into the iPhone 4S […]

Droid X Keyboard Issues Fixed by Latest Update

Droid X

Owners of the original Motorola Droid X have been plagued with virtual keyboard issues for quite awhile now and luckily, today, it appears that Verizon has taken care of those issues by pushing out a 113MB update that should resolve them. Droid X owners have been dealing with the keyboard locking up and freezing, I’ve […]

Users Report Black Screen of Death on HTC EVO 3D


HTC’s glasses-free 3D flagship smartphone may be suffering from a serious glitch where the display would black out and no efforts could be made to restore life to the screen. It’s unclear how many users are affected and if the problem is a hardware or software glitch associated with the LCD panel, but the problem […]

Motorola Droid X Gingerbread Bug Fix Update Now Available

Droid X

Many of you out there with a Motorola Droid X have been having issues with your handset ever since Verizon rolled out the Gingerbread update at the end of May. Almost immediately afterwards, we heard about all sorts of bugs and we also heard about the update bricking phones. Not good. And until a few […]

Toshiba Rolls Out OTA Update for Thrive Tablet Sleep Issues


As promised, Toshiba is now delivering a software update for its Android Honeycomb Thrive tablet over the air. The update will fix the sleep issues that users have been complaining about. Though a relative newcomer in the Android tablet space, Toshiba’s quick action and resolution to user complaints may bode well as the manufacturer hopes […]

Motorola Triumph Suffering From Screen, Camera Issues


When Sprint’s wholly owned pre-paid subsidiary Virgin Mobile announced the Motorola Triumph, it was hailed as a groundbreaking device in the pre-paid smartphone market, offering high-end Android smartphone features, affordable contract-free data and rate plans, and bringing an unadulterated Android experience to the masses. The Triumph, priced at $300 without a contract, the Triumph’s impressive […]

Toshiba Thrive Debuting with Power Problems, Bugs


Toshiba, which is no stranger to the tablet PC market, is showing its relative inexperience with the Android tablet market. The outfit had debuted its Toshiba Thrive Android Honeycomb tablet a few weeks ago, and already a number of issues are being reported by end-users. Both early issues being reported are related to power. Specifically, […]

Sprint HTC EVO 3D Burning Up?


Hot sales of the HTC EVO 3D isn’t Sprint’s only problem as the carrier is trying to keep its store shelves stocked with the wildly popular smartphone successor to the original HTC EVO 4G. Owners of the Sprint HTC EVO 3D on various forums are reporting overheating issues related to the latest dual-core Snapdragon smartphone. […]

Is Apple Recalling Verizon’s CDMA iPad 2 Mid-Shipment?


Consumers who have purchased the CDMA version of Apple’s iPad 2 for Verizon’s network are reporting that Apple is recalling its popular tablet mid-shipment from China before they reach their doorsteps. Various customers account that upon tracking FedEx’s system, they found that delivery exceptions were listed in the system and that the courier is stating […]

HTC ThunderBolt Random Reboot Fix Coming Later This Month

HTC ThunderBolt

Last we heard about the HTC ThunderBolt random reboot fix was that HTC and Verizon were cognizant of the issue and that they were working together in order to swiftly get out a fix. Well, two weeks later we still don’t have a fix for the issue but it appears that it could be rolling […]

T-Mobile G2x Pulled from Shelves Due to Quality Issues? (Updated)

T-Mobile G2x

It appears that the LG-made T-Mobile G2x has been pulled from shelves, at least at T-Mobile.com, and it might be due to quality issues that have been plaguing the device since its launch back at the end of April. TMoNews has discovered that the G2x has disappeared from T-Mobile’s website and it’s probably not because […]