Verizon Answers 4G LTE Network, Device Questions…Sort Of…


There’s been a bit of skepticism, and understandably so, from the GottaBeMobile staff over the status and functionality of 4G smartphones. Hopefully, you can see why with the constant delays of the Thunderbolt and continuing delay behind the Droid Charge, rumored and missed release dates for the Droid Bionic and the LG Revolution, a day […]

Some Clarity on 4G Definition as 4G Becomes The Next Big Thing


Lost amid the Christmas clutter there seems to have been some clarity on exactly what we can call 4G here in the US. I suppose that’s a good thing since exactly what is and what isn’t 4G has been the subject of many blog posts, debates, and marketing mayhem. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the […]

ITU Caves as Marketing Now Dictates How 4G Mobile Broadband is Defined


The International Telecommunications Union, a coalition that defines how standards such as 4G mobile broadband technologies employed by wireless carriers are comprised, has now backtracked on its earlier definitions of what comprises 4G. The ITU declared last month that Sprint’s WiMax, T-Mobile’s HSPA+, and Verizon’s and AT&T’s forthcoming LTE networks do not meet 4G specifications […]

ITU Approves Universal Phone Charger

Although word is these will start shipping with phones in 2010, I’m not sure how quickly the momentum carry things. That said, I’d love to see this happen. The International Telecommunications Body (ITU) has approved a universal charger that is supposedly more energy efficient and will work with any phone. The ITU is a United […]