iOS 5: How to Use Wi-Fi Sync with iTunes

iTunes Wi-Fi sync settings

For those using the new iTunes 10.5 and running iOS 5 on their iPad or iPhone, you can pull off one of the most requested new features – syncing your device without tethering to a computer. Wi-Fi sync will keep your device backed up over your home or office Wi-Fi network. First, a few requirements. […]

How to Upgrade to iOS 5

How to upgrade to iOS 5

Apple’s newest mobile operating system, iOS 5 is available for download today. iOS 5 brings a collection of new features to old iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads. There are over 200 new iOS 5 features, which will change the way you use your iOS device. If you have an old iPhone, iOS 5 will help […]

iOS 5: What is iCloud and What Will it Do for Me?

iCloud logo

iCloud is one of the biggest parts of iOS 5. While we are excited about iCloud, we keep hearing, “What is iCloud?” and “Why is it called a cloud?” Have no fear, we have everything you need to know about iCloud right here, so that you’re ready for iOS 5 on October 12th. Unlike many […]

iTunes 10.5 Available Now for Download with iCloud

iTunes 10.5 is available now

As we predicted the iTunes 10.5 download page just went live at Apple, offering the newest version available for download for both Mac and PC. It doesn’t show up yet in Software Update on my Mac, but should go live there very soon. Apple will release iOS 5 tomorrow and iTunes 10.5 makes the music, […]

Beta 4 of iOS 5 Released by Apple – Over the Air!

ios 5 ota

Apple is keeping the beta releases coming for their upcoming iOS 5. Developers can now get their hands on Beta 4, and they don’t even need to bother with iTunes. Registered developers who are already on iOS 5 beta 3 can download the new beta 4 OTA. Simply opening the iDevice’s settings app, and touching […]