5 Things to Know About iOS 8.4 and Apple’s Spotify Killer

Apple will reportedly count on Jimmy Iovine to lead the charge. s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

At one point iTunes was the biggest name in music, but now Spotify is the new cool place to listen to music, matching Apple in selection of almost every hit album and single. With the iOS 8.4 release later this year we could see the first real strike back from Apple as the company slowly […]

New Purchase Could Add Ad-Supported Talk Shows To iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio comes in iOS 7 with streaming stations that are ad-free for $25 a year.

Apple’s iPod and iPhone lines aren’t just responsible for revolutionizing the way users listen to music and watch videos. Apple was also an early pioneer of podcasts, digital downloads of talk radio shows that users can store on their phones and listen to whenever they like. Now, the company seems poised to revolutionize the world of […]

Pandora Founder Talks iTunes Radio, Beats and Future


Apple made waves at last year’s Worldwide Developer Conference when they announced iTunes Radio as part of iOS 7. This year, the company acquired music streaming service and headphone manufacturer Beats Audio. It’s likely that they’ll integrate that technology into their current products, including iTunes Radio. In the Internet radio business, Pandora is the largest […]

Android iTunes Radio and iTunes Apps Could Arrive to Save the iTunes Store

iTunes Radio comes in iOS 7 with streaming stations that are ad-free for $25 a year.

Apple could be preparing to bolster its iTunes business by unleashing an iTunes Radio app and iTunes Store app in the Google Play Store. News about a possible iTunes Radio and iTunes Store apps for device’s running Google’s Android operating system first surfaced last week in a report from Billboard. According to that original report, […]

iOS 8 May Put Spotlight on iTunes Radio

The iOS 8 update could bring an iTunes Radio app that exists outside of the stock Music App.

Apple could use the iOS 8 update to make iPhone and iPad users more aware of the company’s free music streaming service iTunes Radio by putting the app front and center. iTunes Radio is currently part of the Music app in iOS 7.1, sitting as a tab below next to playlists at the bottom of […]

How to Create a Custom iTunes Radio Station

Tap New Station

Every music streaming app has its advantages and disadvantages, but the nice thing with iTunes Radio is that it is built directly into the iPhone’s music app. Another cool feature is the station style format that iTunes radio uses to provide music to listeners. By default iTunes Radio has featured stations that are easy to […]

How to Use iTunes Radio

itunes radio on iphone

When Apple released iTunes Radio earlier this year, they brought streaming music to iOS and iTunes users. iTunes Radio competes with Rdio, Spotify, Pandora and Google Play All Access Music. While each of those offers a free version, they also let users pay a monthly fee to get ad-free music. Apple’s iTunes Radio comes with […]

iOS 7’s iTunes Radio Changes Nothing

itunes radio in itunes 11.1

When Apple finally announced iTunes Radio, a collective sigh could be heard from many music enthusiasts. Finally, here was Apple’s answer to music subscription services like Pandora and Spotify. Now that iTunes Radio is now available to users installing iOS 7 today, iPhone and iPad users are in for a bit of shock when they download […]

Pandora Sweetens Free Listening Ahead of iOS 7 Release

itunes radio

On an earnings call to investors earlier this week, music streaming service Pandora threw a bone to users, possibly to hang on to as many of them as possible following the launch of Apple’s own subscription music service. Pandora users will now be able to enjoy as much free music streaming as they want, with […]

iTunes Radio for Mac Arrives: iTunes 11.1 Beta Tour

itunes Radio Tour - 1

For the first time since it unveiled its new iTunes Radio service during its World Wide Developer Conference, we’re finally getting our first glimpse of the service in a native desktop application; iTunes. As part of the iTunes Music Match subscription service, users pay $25 a year for the radio service on all of their […]

iTunes Radio: Hands On With Apple’s Pandora Killer

iTunes Radio is a part of iOS 7 and should arrive for all iPhone and iPad users this fall.

iTunes Radio is an integral part of the music experience in iOS 7, offering access to Pandora like radio stations with Siri control that the competition can’t touch. When the iOS 7 release arrives it will add an iTunes Radio tab to the Music app on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iTunes Radio was […]