Jawbone UP24 Fitness Band Finally Gets Android Support

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 11.10.20 AM

The Jawbone UP24 lifestyle tracker and fitness band is one of the more popular fitness bands, even if it doesn’t have a screen or display like the new Samsung Gear Fit, and today it finally supports Android. Previously exclusive to iOS, the Jawbone UP companion Android app was updated today on the Google Play Store […]

Jawbone Acquires BodyMedia, Opens Up Platform

Jawbone Up platform

Today Jawbone announced that it acquired health tracking company BodyMedia. It also announced the launch of the new Up platform that lets developers use an API to use Jawbone data in their own apps. BodyMedia is one of a number of companies that track user’s health instead of just fitness or exercise. The company produces a […]

Jawbone Up Now Works With Android

Jawbone Up Android app

The Up, Jawbone’s fitness tracking bracelet is now compatible with Android, making it one of only a few fitness trackers that support Google’s platform. Starting today Jawbone Up users can download a free app from the Google Play Store that lets their fitness tracker interact with their Android smartphone or tablet. The app is free, […]

4 Fitness Trackers To Get in Shape for 2013

FitBit One

The holidays are here, which means the new year is coming up soon as well. Many people use the new year to resolve to live more healthily or to exercise more, and there are some gadgets to help with those goals. There are a number of mobile fitness trackers available now. They all track motion […]

New And Improved Jawbone Up Now Available For $129

Jawbone Up

A new version of the Jawbone UP fitness accessory was announced today, almost a year after Jawbone pulled the first generation UP from the market due to quality control issues. The original Up broke after just a short while for many users, but Jawbone promises the new version is much more durable as it explains […]

Jawbone Makes Good on Problems with Jawbone Up


Well, someone knows how to make lemonade out of a lemon. The Jawbone Up was released with great fanfare and great ballyhoo not long ago. In case you missed it, the Up is a bracelet that syncs with an iPhone that allows you to basically monitor your life from what you eat, to how you […]

Jawbone Up May Be the Ultimate Fitness Companion

Jawbone Up

The Jawbone Up is a new fitness accessory that tracks your activity and food, reminds you to be active and tracks your sleep. While this sounds similar to the Fitbit, the Jawbone up has the potential to do much more, such as waking you up at the best time, and as an added bonus it is waterproof. […]