10 Best Weight Loss Accessories for 2015

If you need help losing weight, these excellent weight loss accessories can help motivate, streamline exercise and quantify your progress.

These are the best weight loss accessories that you can buy to help you lose weight and keep it off in 2015. Many of our favorites connect with the best weight loss apps to deliver a one-two punch of power, motivation and support that you need to lose weight and get in shape without paying […]

Jawbone UP24 Fitness Band Finally Gets Android Support

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 11.10.20 AM

The Jawbone UP24 lifestyle tracker and fitness band is one of the more popular fitness bands, even if it doesn’t have a screen or display like the new Samsung Gear Fit, and today it finally supports Android. Previously exclusive to iOS, the Jawbone UP companion Android app was updated today on the Google Play Store […]

Jawbone 2014 ERA Bluetooth Headset Review

Jawbone ERA 2014

Wearable Computing is the coming thing this year, even though it has existed for awhile. Some of the more popular and fashion controversial wearable devices we’ve had around for some time include Bluetooth headsets. These are controversial because some like the practicality while others rail against the perceived geeky and dorky look. I’m often amazed […]

Jawbone Mini Jambox Arrives with Big Sound in a Small Package


Jawbone has announced the Mini Jambox, which is a smaller and lighter brethren of the original and Big Jambox that the company released a couple years ago and last year, respectively. The speaker is just a little over six inches long and less than an inch thick, and it’s meant to be a traveling companion […]

Jawbone Acquires BodyMedia, Opens Up Platform

Jawbone Up platform

Today Jawbone announced that it acquired health tracking company BodyMedia. It also announced the launch of the new Up platform that lets developers use an API to use Jawbone data in their own apps. BodyMedia is one of a number of companies that track user’s health instead of just fitness or exercise. The company produces a […]

New And Improved Jawbone Up Now Available For $129

Jawbone Up

A new version of the Jawbone UP fitness accessory was announced today, almost a year after Jawbone pulled the first generation UP from the market due to quality control issues. The original Up broke after just a short while for many users, but Jawbone promises the new version is much more durable as it explains […]

Jambox Review: Loud, Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Jawbone Jambox Review - Buttons

When I first heard about the Jawbone Jambox I was skeptical about the value of a $200 bluetooth speaker and speakerphone. After using one for the better part of three months I’m sold on the value it provides, especially considering you can often find the units on sale for $99 to $150. The Jawbone Jambox is a about 6 […]

Gift Guide: 10 Awesome Android Accessories

Gelaskins Android Skin

There are as many Android smartphones as there are holidays in the last two months of the year. No matter which phone you have or which holiday you are celebrating, we have a list of top notch Android accessories that will give you or your gift recipient an awesome experience. Android phones don’t always enjoy the same […]

Jawbone Up May Be the Ultimate Fitness Companion

Jawbone Up

The Jawbone Up is a new fitness accessory that tracks your activity and food, reminds you to be active and tracks your sleep. While this sounds similar to the Fitbit, the Jawbone up has the potential to do much more, such as waking you up at the best time, and as an added bonus it is waterproof. […]

Week in Review: Tablets and Smart Phones for the Week of Feb 25th


This hasn’t just been a big week for Notebooks, it’s also been packed full of tablet and smart phone news and videos. We’ve rounded up the best of the week into a bite size version that will let you digest the week’s tablet and smart phone news while you enjoy your Friday afternoon. Tablet News […]

Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset Marks the End of an Era for Me


I’ve been a big fan of Aliph’s Jawbone Bluetooth headsets for quite some time. As my wife and I have been packing up the house for our move across town, I discovered quite a few older models of the various Jawbone headsets dating back quite some time. What always attracted me to the Jawbone brand […]

Review: Jawbone Icon


Bluetooth headsets are love ’em or leave ’em devices. Some folks (like me) swear by them, and some (the more fashionably conscious perhaps) think it carries geekhood just a bit too far. I’ve been a big fan of Aliph’s Jawbone Bluetooth headsets for quite some time. I’ve bought and used every version that has existed. […]