JooJoo tablet hacked with Windows 7 Embedded


We knew Microsoft had plans to run Windows 7 Embedded on tablets. Well, a die-hard member of the JooJoo forum has it running on his JooJoo tablet with a mere 4GB SSD and 1GB of memory, and it’s running pretty smoothly. Still working on driver support, notably accelerometer and 3G, but forum member darkdavy shows […]

The JooJoo Coming to Canada and Europe along with Software Update

Good from all angles image - JooJoo first look (photos) - CNET News

Estimates vary has to how many (or how few) JooJoo Tablets have actually been sold. Some put the number somewhere below 100. That doesn’t seem to be stopping the folks at FusionGarage. They’ve just announced that the JooJoo can now be ordered in Europe and Canada. They are also promising a “robust software update” to […]

JooJoo reviewed – SPOILER ALERT: Don’t skip to the end


From reaction to previous posts, I can deduce our regulars aren’t very interested in the JooJoo. But considering Engadget went through the trouble of putting together a review, I figure we could at least give them a shout-out for putting this unique tablet to the test (and shelling out the bucks to do so).

JooJoo Revamps UI


The JooJoo Tablet is apparently still on schedule to ship on March 25 after a delay caused by issues with the capacitive touch screen. I’m still not holding my breath on that ship date, but we’ll see. In any regard, FusionGarage apparently has been hard at work and has made some tweaks to the UI. […]

Still in the Dark with JooJoo Specs


I keep asking and haven’t heard had any responders as to whether or not anyone pre-ordered a JooJoo Tablet. Given that some think that they PayPal only order system violates PayPal’s terms of service (must deliver product within 20 days) might be one reason. Another of the reasons might be that there is still more […]