Snapdragon S4, NFC Specs Confirmed for LG Cayenne 4G LTE for Sprint


After several leaks of the unannounced LG Cayenne Android smartphone for Sprint’s 4G LTE network, the device’s internal specs were confirmed in a recent leak. The LG Cayenne is widely believed to be a variant of the LG Viper 4G LTE, but with a landscape oriented sliding hardware keyboard. A leaked screenshot of the LG-made […]

T-Mobile myTouch Q Getting FCC Approval


It looks like the second of two Huawei-made Android smartphones for T-Mobile USA’s myTouch consumer line is now ready for FCC approval. The smartphone, model Huawei Ascend G312, comes with a physical hardware QWERTY keyboard and is expected to launch as the T-Mobile myTouch Q. The consumer smartphone will launch with a 4-inch WVGA display, […]

LG ‘Cayenne’ LS860 Photos Leaked for Sprint’s 4G LTE Network


It looks like Sprint has another 4G LTE device lined up in the works in the form of the LG LS860, which is codenamed Cayenne. The LG Cayenne, unlike most of Sprint’s Android smartphones, will debut with what appears to be a very capacious and well-spaced 5-row keyboard with a staggered key arrangement. The device […]

Google Patent Application Hints at Nexus Slider


Though manufacturers like HTC may be giving up on physical keyboards on smartphones in favor of thin and light designs, Google’s recent patent application may suggest that the Android OS-maker is still not giving up in that form factor and we may potentially see a Nexus smartphone in the future with a physical sliding keyboard. […]

Review: The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover


When it comes to the iPad the only things more ubiquitous than Twitter clients are keyboard covers or cases. I won’t say they are a dime a dozen because these keyboard case/covers  are a little more expensive than that, but there are certainly a number of varieties for you to choose from from makers like […]

Sony Patent Reveals One Xperia Smartphone Housing Multiple Keypads


A recently unearthed patent filed by Sony in late 2010 reveals that the company had been considering an Xperia smartphone design with multiple slide-out keyboards–similar to the idea of a Swiss Army knife–so that users can slide up the keypads that they don’t need to reveal a keypad that they do like. The versatility of […]

Apple Had Considered iPhone Design With Physical Keyboard


Before the launch of the original iPhone in the summer of 2007, Apple had at one point in the design stages of its flagship and debut smartphone considered a physical keyboard for the iOS–at the time it was called the iPhone OS–smartphone. Revelation of the physical keyboard design consideration was revealed by famed iPod and […]

HTC to Ditch Physical QWERTY Keyboards on Smartphones in Favor of Thin Design


As part of the company’s re-design and new mantra, thin is very in at HTC. After having announced that the company will be designing its future smartphone lineup to feature slim profiles, HTC had also announced that it would be abandoning physical QWERTY keyboards on its smartphones. While the news makes sense given Android’s and Windows […]

iPad Keyboard Case Buying Guide

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

After reviewing six new iPad keyboard cases and solutions, we wanted to shares the best iPad accessories to increase productivity on the iPad. These iPad keyboard cases are perfect for users who bristle at using the onscreen keyboard for anything more than short Facebook posts. From cases that protect the iPad to minimalist keyboard only outfits, we have a […]

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Review: Excellent New iPad Keyboard Case

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Review

With the right accessories, the iPad is a great productivity tool. I discovered just how much work I could do on the iPad while I reviewed the Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Keyboard Case for new iPad. I’ve had iPad keyboard cases before, but the KeyFolio Pro 2 has a unique feature that drastically enhances the […]

Ultra-Thin Archos G10 X5 Android Tablet to Challenge Transformer Pad


Archos may have a winner on its hand with the G10 X5 Android slate, which the company is now teasing in some blurry videos depicting a tablet with a thin steel frame and convertible design with a keyboard dock. The Archos G10 is aiming squarely at rival Asus’s Transformer Pad series tablets. If priced–and aggressively […]

Droid 4 in for Review: Photos and Impressions

Droid 4 Review Landscape Display

The Droid 4 is Motorola’s latest entry into the smartphone arena, bringing 4G LTE to the legendary Droid lineup and a keyboard that blows the competition out of the water. You can’t buy the Droid 4 until Friday, but Verizon has hooked us up with the Droid 4 early and I am already working on […]

iPad’s Split Keyboard Has Hidden Buttons


The iPad’s split keyboard is a little more flexible than it appears. Tap in the blank area immediately next to each half of the keyboard and you’ll see letters from the other side of the screen appear. The hidden keys allow iPad typists to eek out three more letters per thumb. Why does this matter? […]

Review: 10 Reasons the Galaxy Nexus is Better Than the iPhone 4S

Galaxy Nexus Better than the iPhone 4S

The best Android phones are arguably the Nexus devices which get special treatment from Google. These phones have the latest software, the best features and often the best looks. The Galaxy Nexus continues this tradition on Verizon’s fast 4G LTE network, bringing an HD display and Android 4.0 to the table. Read: Galaxy Nexus Review […]

Verizon Motorola Droid 4 Accessories Leak Ahead of Launch


Verizon’s Droid 4 leaks get better every time. After an anticipated, yet still unofficial, launch date of December 8, we are now seeing some of the compatible accessories that will be available for this Webtop-enabled smartphone. The first accessory is a Lapdock 100, which is a more compact and lighter accessory that converts your smartphone […]

Sprint Gearing Up to Release Inexpensive Android QWERTY Messaging Phone


Sprint, which now has a number of Android messaging phones with a physical hardware keyboard, is getting ready to release an inexpensive addition according to a leak called the Sprint Express. The new phone, which so far remains unbranded so its manufacturer is currently unknown, will cost around $20 after a $50 mail-in-rebate and a […]

Ice Cream Sandwich Comes With Native Keyboard Themes


Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich may open the doors to even further customizing the software keyboard on your smartphone with native keyboard theme capabilities. Right now, the guys over at Android Central were able to load Android 4.0 on their Nexus S and discovered that there are 6 pre-loaded themes that offer varying degree of […]