Palm Topaz webOS PalmPad Tablet with Bluetooth Keyboard?


Palm’s upcoming webOS tablet, long rumored as the PalmPad, may be the codenamed Topaz according to Engadget. Along with the codename rumor, it seems that an image has surfaced for an ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard without a number pad. The ‘Topaz’ tablet is said to be button-less and the Bluetooth keyboard from HP-Palm would come with […]

Another HTC Windows Phone 7 Device Spotted at FCC


Another HTC-made Windows Phone 7 device with AT&T compatible 3G bands has been spotted at the FCC for approval, leading some to speculate whether the potential addition could be an AT&T variant of the HTC HD7, which is currently found on T-Mobile USA in the U.S. market, or a GSM variant of the HTC Pro […]

Venue Pro Launch Problems: Dell Shows Inexperience with Mobile


After having exited the PDA business with its Axim line, which at the time ran on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform, Dell is returning to the mobile space now with converged devices running on both Android and Windows Phone 7. While the company has launched a few Android devices already, its launch of the highly coveted […]

Stop Droid Envy with an iPhone 4 Case with Integrated Sliding Keyboard


Apple iPhone 4 owners who have been envious of BlackBerry owners with the integrated thumb keyboard or Droid owners with their sliding keyboard can put an end to all that envy with Boxwave’s newest case, which adds a bit of protection to your smartphone and also provide a thumb keyboard that slides out in landscape […]

Laid hands on the “perfect mobile keyboard”


Okay, I can’t claim definitively it’s perfect, but since Xavier had previously asked if the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 was the “perfect mobile keyboard”, I thought I’d follow that up by expressing my desire to find out.

The Perfect Mobile Keyboard?


The Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 looks like it’s a good travel buddy for slates or netbooks with cramped keyboards. Darren Murph from Engadget reviewed the thin keyboard and had a lot of good things to say about it. Unlike most mobile keyboards, this one has a slight curve to it. The curve allows typists’ […]

BlackBerry Gets Attacked by Droids: First Impressions


I managed to snag a Motorola Droid from my local Verizon store in Huber Heights, Ohio, after work yesterday.  To my surprise there was no line and the store was fairly empty.  A few customers were checking out the Droid, but the crowd was thin.  I asked the Verizon employee assisting me how the day […]

Triangulate On This Soft Keyboard

Having trouble hitting those keys on your touch tablet pc or smart phone? David Baker, a British inventor, aims to fix that with his “crocodile keyboard”. He claims that users are more likely to hit the correct key because there is a lot more dead space around the keys than in traditional keyboards. Baker is […]

GBM Shortcut: Atek OnBoard Travel Keyboard


Several weeks ago we brought you news about Atek’s new “mobile” solution, the OnBoard Travel Keyboard. We got our review unit in a few days ago, and in this GBM Shortcut I share my impressions about Atek’s mobile solution. To learn if this keyboard might be for you, checkout our video below.