Spike iPhone Keyboard Case Delivers BlackBerry Style Keys

iPhone physical keyboard

The iPhone lacks a physical keyboard, but it doesn’t have to. Users who need a physical keyboard to feel at home need to check out the Spike iPhone case on Kickstarter. The Spike cases add a physical keyboard to the iPhone without covering up the screen all the time or requiring users to add an incredibly bulky bluetooth […]

GottaBeFunded: GameDock Turns iOS Devices into Retro Game Consoles


There’s a lot of great retro-style games in the iOS App Store, but most of them are hard to control thanks to their virtual buttons. The GameDock hopes to fix that issue by turning iPhones and iPads into retro gaming consoles. The GameDock is a small dock that connects the iOS device to an HDTV […]

GottaBeFunded: TAKTIK Rugged Case for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5


Minimal, the maker of the TikTok, the first wristwatch for the iPod nano, is back with a new Kickstarter campaign for a rugged iPhone case. The TAKTIK is Minimal’s answer to cases from manufacturers like Otterbox and Lifeproof. It’s an aluminum case that meets military spec for protection against dust, sand, water, shock, and drops. […]

Appsplit is a Kickstarter For Apps


We’ve featured a lot of Kickstarter projects on GottaBeMobile, though most are accessories for devices. There are some apps on Kickstarter, but users are more likely to find special phone or tablet cases and accessories on the website. Appsplit makes it easier to find apps to fund because it only hosts app projects. Appsplit works […]

What Happens When Kickstarter Projects Fail After Funding?

ZionEyez Failed Kickstarter

It was only a matter fo time before the Kickstarter horror stories hit. “Kickstarter scammers cheat backers out of $344,000″ screams the headline on The Daily Dot. The article tells the tale of 2,106 Kickstarter backers who funded the ZionEyez HD video recording glasses for Facebook, and a year later have nothing to show for […]

Cipher Credit Card Stylus Looking for Launch Support on Quirky


The Cipher is a credit card shaped stylus for your touch screen device like the iPad or iPhone or Android tablet or smartphone. Quirky wants users to let them know if this product deserves to show up in their store and how much you’d spend. Its part of their new Quirky Evaluation beta program. Quirky […]

GottaBeFunded: playGo AP1 Retrofits Your Speakers with Airplay


If you wish your speaker system included AirPlay technology, but you don’t want to replace your system with one that’s AirPlay compatible, the playGo AP1 from BICOM, Inc. will do the trick. This Kickstarter project receives audio from your iOS device or Mac using AirPlay technology giving you the option to continue listening to the same […]

Capta iPhone and Android Case Offers 3-in-1 Featureset


Capta started out as a Kickstarter project that combines three features into one useful accessory that works with any smartphone. Capta serves as a stand for your smartphone, a tripod mount and a cable organizer. The case  costs $34.95 and works with any smartphone that has a flat back thanks to the sticky pad. If you […]

GottaBeFunded: gTar is an iPhone Powered Guitar Tutor


The gTar is a new iPhone music accessory that teaches  guitar fundamentals while doubling as an electronic instrument. The gTar looks like a cross between an electric guitar and an Rock Band guitar with an iPhone dock on the body, just below the strings. When paired with an iPhone, the gTar teaches users how to play songs […]

Une Bobine: Incredibly Versatile & Flexible iPhone Cable

Une Bobine iPhone cable

Building a better iPhone cable isn’t easy, but Jon Fawcett and [Fuse]Chicken have invented a better iPhone cable — the Une Bobine. Une Bobine, French for coil, is a flexible gooseneck iPhone cable that keeps the iPhone in an endless number of positions at home, at the office and in the car. One of my […]

Etcher Turns the iPad into Etch A Sketch


Etcher is an iPad case and app that turn the tablet into a digital Etch a Sketch. At first glance the Etcher is nearly indistinguishable from an old-school Etch A Sketch, but you can obviously do a lot more with the digital version. Like the original, Etcher has a red bezel and two white dials to move […]

Pebble Gains Bluetooth 4.0, Kickstarter Pre-orders Ending Soon

Pebble Gains Bluetooth 4.0, Kickstarter Pre-orders Ending Soon

The Pebble smartwatch will have Bluetooth 4.0 when it finally ships, but Kickstarter pre-orders will be ending soon. The Pebble team posted a project update today announcing the inclusion of Bluetooth 4.0 in the Pebble smartwatch. The latest Bluetooth version is more battery efficient than previous versions. This means the both the watch and users’ phones […]

I’m Not A Watch Guy, But I’m Buying the Pebble Watch

I'm Not A Watch Guy, But I'm Buying the Pebble Watch

I had to clear out quite a few cobwebs in my head before I could recall the last time I wore a watch. I believe I was 10 years old at the time and my Dad bought me a watch from the Jungle Cruise gift shop at Disneyland. I wore it for maybe a month […]

Pebble iPhone Syncing Smart Watch Raises $3 Million, Adds Features

The Pebble E-Paper watch, the first smart watch with real iPhone syncing and apps, just topped $3 million in funding on Kickstarter with 30 days to go. When we fist told readers about the Pebble smart watch funding topped $100,000, and in less than a week the project raised over $3 million dollars and banked […]

Crimson Skies for iPad a Possibility for Game Creator

Crimson Skies for iPad

Crimson Skies for iPad is one of several apps I would buy no matter the cost. Crimson Skies is an incredibly fun dogfighting game filled with “dieselpunk” air-pirates which gamers will remember from its days on the Xbox 360. There’s no announcement of Crimson Skies for the iPad yet, but in an interview with Shacknews, […]

GottaBeFunded: SOOT Kickstand for Kindle Fire

Soot Kindle Fire Case

There are a lot of Kindle Fire cases on the market, but not enough according to SOOT. The team behind SOOT have taken to Kickstarter to offer a new take on the Kindle Fire case. A case that addresses a shortcoming, and works with most other Kindle Fire book style cases. The Soot Kickstand for […]

GottaBeFunded: Beautiful Picture Frame For Your Old iPad

iframe photo

Now that you’ve preordered the new iPad, you need to do something with your old iPad. If you’re not planning on selling it, you might want to invest in the iFrame on Kickstarter. iFrame is a beautiful looking wooden frame that turns your old iPad into an elegant looking photo frame.  The iFrame works with […]

GottaBeFunded: SolMate Solar Power Inductive Charging iPhone Case

SolMate iPhone case

Imagine an iPhone case that charges your phone with solar power, is compatible with industry standard wireless charging and looks good while protecting your iPhone. If that sounds like your kind of case, the SolMate iPhone case is a KickStarter project you should back right now, before the backing closes and you have to wait […]

Sonastand: The Acoustic iPhone Stand Apple Should Have Designed


Sonastand is the latest iPhone accessory Kickstarter project I’m supporting. The Sonastand is an acoustic stand for the iPhone that has the aethstetics you’d expect from Apple’s own designers and that makes the built-in speaker sound significantly louder. The Sonastand may be for you if you find yourself cupping your hand to redirect the iPhone’s […]