The Battle for the Big Box in the Cloud


It has been said many times before but in the gadget obsessed world we live in, hanging on every rumor or drop of speculation about the next device to be announced, it often bears repeating. The shiny new gadgets have us all agog and we pay attention to the crazy race about who is ahead […]

March of the iOS App Updates Begins with Kindle and Evernote


You knew it was coming and it appears it is already beginning. The big feature for the new iPad is the stunning/outrageous/amazing/awesome/astounding/pick your adjective from the early reviews high definition display. And of course that means those of us who have been using an iPad or iPad 2 are in for a slew of updates […]

Amazon Updates iOS Kindle Apps

Kindle Android app

Amazon has rolled out an update to its Kindle App for iOS devices and it offers some new functionality that most likely will be welcomed by users of the iOS platform. The big shiny features noted in the update include: The ability to read magazines and newspapers similar to the Kindle Fire with single editions […]

Google Books Makes It Back to the App Store Complying With Apple


Well, whadda ya know? Looks like Google made the necessary changes to its Google Books App for Apple’s App Store obeying Apple’s rules about in-App purchasing and subscriptions. You’ll notice that like Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s Nook App, an updated version is now available in the App Store. I am still wondering this from […]

Amazon to Add Video and Audio to iDevice Apps

Amazon.com_ Kindle Editions with Audio-Video

Amazon is adding audio and video to its Kindle App for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. As of this writing the new version doesn’t appear to be in the App Store, but there are several book titles that take advantage of the new features available for purchase. Some of these include Rose’s Heavenly Cakes […]