Amazon Resurrects Huge Kindle DX E-Reader From the Dead


After having discontinued its large 9.7-inch Kindle DX e-reader in October 2012, Amazon is now bringing back the hardware that’s unchanged from its release since 2009. It’s unclear why Amazon is quietly re-introducing the tablet in 2013; the company so far has not issued a statement or press release, only to allow the Kindle DX […]

Deep Discounts Hint New Kindles Coming Soon

Amazon Kindle DX Gold Box sale

Amazon might be ready to unveil a few new Kindles sometime in the near future if today’s Gold Box deals are any indication. As Gizmodo first noted, today Amazon put the Kindle DX on sale for $269, a full $110 below its original price. The Amazon Kindle DX is the company’s 10-inch eReader which hasn’t […]

OtterBox Offers Serious Protection for eReaders


´╗┐´╗┐OtterBox has added a few eReader cases to its Commuter Series of rugged cases. The Amazon Kindle 3, Kindle DX, B&N Nook and Sony Reader Touch Edition can now all get the three-layers of protection treatment. The first layer of protection is an adhesive screen protector, the second layer is soft silicone and the third […]

Universities: Kindle DX Doesn’t Make the Grade


Remember those universities experimenting with replacing textbooks with Kindles? Well, at least two of them aren’t giving the Kindle DX a passing grade. The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Syracuse University are calling for improved features, including accessibility for blind students. A Beta News article put a whole lot of emphasis on the needs of blind […]

My Mom’s Turning Into a Kindle Geek

My mom’s a writer and avid reader. She’s obviously older than me, reads more books in a week than I do in a year and isn’t a computer or gadget geek. But she is on the fast track to becoming a Kindle geek. She uses an iMac and HP Pavilion notebook, but she often calls […]

eReaders to Drive Tablet PC Further Into a Niche?

Interesting comments are being tossed around about what the Kindle DX, the Kindle 2, and other eReader devices mean for the tablet pc space. Loren Heiney has an excellent write up about how this is the year of the slate form factor – think iPhone, Kindle, Kindle DX, etc. Notice he doesn’t say “Tablet PC”. […]