Amazon Releases Air Patriots For iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire

Air Patriots

Amazon’s first foray into mobile gaming, Air Patriots, is now available on iPhone, Android, and the Kindle Fire according to GeekWire. Air Patriots is a free-to-play tower defense game with a military aviation theme. The game is like a mix of Flight Control and Fieldrunners, it gives players control of a squad of planes they […]

Kindle Fire HD 7-inch Arrives at Staples Stores Today

amazon kindle fire hd

Users tempted by the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch tablet from Amazon don’t need to order blindly, Staples announced today that it is offering in store sales of the new Kindle Fire HD and demo units so users can go hands on with the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch before buying it. Staples will sell the Kindle […]

Amazon Lights New Fire Under Tablet Market

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As of this writing, there are still a lot of things we don’t know about today’s Amazon announcements of new e-Readers and Tablets. That said, one thing we do know, or rather one thing that has been overwhelmingly confirmed, Amazon is playing for keeps in the Tablet market. If this was an arms race, Amazon […]

Amazon Introduces $159 7-inch Kindle Fire With Better Specs

Kindle Fire

During its press conference today Amazon announced an update to its 7-inch Kindle Fire along with a new, lower price of $159. The new Amazon Kindle Fire uses the same plastic shell and 7-inch display as the first Kindle Fire, but the internal specs are much improved. The new Kindle Fire features a 40% faster processor […]

Amazon Kindle FreeTime Delivers Finest Parental Controls

FreeTime Parental Controls

Along with updated and new Kindles, Amazon announced a new feature for their tablets called FreeTime that gives parents a chance to control how their kids can use the tablet. These new controls may only arrive on the new 7-inch and 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD tablets, but for parents this might be reason enough to […]

Kindle Fire HD Release Date and Price Announced

Screen Shot 2012-09-06 at 12.09.15 PM

Today at an event in Santa Monica, California, Amazon announced the new Kindle Fire HD, the successor to its original Android-powered Kindle Fire tablet which launched last year. The Kindle Fire HD replaces the original Kindle Fire which Amazon says accounts for 22% of tablet sales and is the #1 best-selling device on Amazon itself. […]

Kindle Fire 2, Paperwhite Kindle & Amazon Phone Possible Today (Video)

Kindle Fire 2

Amazon may not be streaming the Kindle event so everyone can watch from home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a sneak peak at some of Amazon’s Kindle announcements this morning. At 1:30 Easter, 10:30 Pacific, Amazon is hosting an Event in California to unveil the company’s new line of eReaders and, according to the latest rumors, show […]

Latest Amazon TV Ad Shows New Kindle Readers, Kindle Fire Tablets


Ahead of Amazon’s morning press event, TV ads for the Internet giant have begun airing showcasing new devices that may hint at the announcements to come. The press event, scheduled for September 6, is expected to be the event where Amazon debuts new Kindle Fire tablets. However, the company’s ads may prove to be spoilers […]

Amazon to Introduce Kindle Smartphone at Press Event


At a press event scheduled for later today on September 6, Internet retail giant Amazon is expected to introduce at least one new Kindle Fire tablet model and possibly an additional model to offer price variation and to compete against Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. However, the latest speculation is that Amazon may have a surprise […]

A Gadget Geeks Fall Shopping List


Labor Day has come and gone here in the US. Most recognize that passage as the end of summer here in the US. We’re also between political carnivals conventions. But another season is gearing up. That’s the “get your gadgets ready for the great holiday gadget shopping extravaganza” when companies try to take your money […]

What the New Kindle Fire Needs to Beat the Nexus 7

Kindle Fire 2 render

Its looking quite likely that Amazon plans to announced some new Kindles, including an update to their once popular but now floundering Kindle Fire color tablet. The will make these announcements at an event next week on September 6th. So what will Amazon try to do to make the Kindle Fire a leader in the […]

Amazon May Announce Two 7-Inch Kindle Fire Tablets Next Week

Amazon Kindle Fire 2

Next week Amazon will unveil its new Kindle Fire tablet, but a new report claims the company won’t have a larger Kindle Fire that we';ve heard rumors about.. According to CNet on September 6 Amazon will announce two 7-inch tablets instead of one 7-inch and one 10-inch like we heard before. At the event Amazon […]

Amazon Kindle Fire “Sold Out” Ahead of September 6 Event


Amazon’s first Android tablet is sold out 48 weeks after it was first introduced, but a new model is just around the corner. Today Amazon announced the Kindle Fire is sold out in a press release. In the release Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos dropped a not-so-subtle hint that his company has a new version of […]

Amazon Kindle Touch Out Of Stock Before Amazon Event

amazon kindle touch

Amazon ran out of Kindle Touch units to sell, which likely means the touchscreen Kindle will soon have a replacement in the online retailer. According to Engadget, Amazon ran out of Wi-Fi Kindle Touch units. The 3G model was already sold out a few weeks ago when Amazon put Kindles and Kindle accessories in the […]

New Kindle Fire, Light Up Kindle Likely at Amazon’s September 6th Event

Kindle Fire 2 Render

Amazon just sent out press invitations to an event in California for September 6th. The event details remain unknown, but we expect Amazon will unveil the new Kindle Fire tablet, or tablets at this event. A new Kindle Fire would arrive to a crowded 7-inch tablet market, but Amazon obviously hopes to convince users its […]

Deep Discounts Hint New Kindles Coming Soon

Amazon Kindle DX Gold Box sale

Amazon might be ready to unveil a few new Kindles sometime in the near future if today’s Gold Box deals are any indication. As Gizmodo first noted, today Amazon put the Kindle DX on sale for $269, a full $110 below its original price. The Amazon Kindle DX is the company’s 10-inch eReader which hasn’t […]

Amazon Cloud Player Gets Scan And Match to Take on iTunes Match

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon is taking a shot at Apple’s iTunes Match with its latest licensing agreement for Cloud Player. Today Amazon announced that it now offers a scan and match service for the Cloud Player. For $24.99 a year users can scan their entire music library and have Amazon match their songs in the Cloud Player. Users […]

Amazon Planning Full Tablet Assault with 5-6 Kindle Fire 2 Tablet Options

Kindle Fire 2 concept

Amazon is readying a collection of Kindle Fire tablets to take on the iPad and Nexus 7 tablets this fall, with the possibility for as many as six new Amazon tablet variations. Demos Parneros, the President of Staples, told Reuters that Amazon will sell five to six new Amazon tablets this fall. Specifically, Parneros says Amazon is […]

The Battle for the Big Box in the Cloud


It has been said many times before but in the gadget obsessed world we live in, hanging on every rumor or drop of speculation about the next device to be announced, it often bears repeating. The shiny new gadgets have us all agog and we pay attention to the crazy race about who is ahead […]

Amazon GameCircle Brings Leaderboards & Achievements to Kindle Fire

Amazon GameCircle

Amazon is building its own game service to compete with Apple’s Game Center. Amazon’s new GameCircle is an Xbox Live-like service for games on the Kindle Fire, though it doesn’t seem to offer multiplayer gaming like Xbox Live. The service does, however, offer achievements and leaderboards like Xbox Live and Game Center. Like Game Center, […]