Amazon Kindle 4 Review: Nice Update at a Great Price

Amazon Kindle with ad showing while asleep

*+-Amazon’s new $79 Kindle 4 brings reading eBooks to a lot more people thanks to a nice smaller design and a great price. The upgrade cuts a few features like audio and a physical keyboard in order to hit that price and slim it down. Most people won’t miss them. The smaller, lightweight design makes […]

Kindle Fire is Hot! Over 200,000 Pre-Orders So Far


*+-Amazon’s Kindle Fire hasn’t even been launched yet and the online retailer’s debut first-generation touchscreen tablet has already generated over 200,000 pre-orders by some estimates. The device attracted the attention of the world due to its modern specs, clean design, and low $200 price point. The 7-inch dual-core tablet garnered over 95,000 pre-orders when it […]

Amazon: Kindle Touch Won’t Browse Web Over 3G

Kindle Touch Wi-Fi and 3G Version together

*+-At last week’s massive Kindle launch I didn’t get a chance to see if the new eInk eReader models still had the “experimental” web browser since the demo units were so closely guarded. However, Amazon’s customers have not let up on asking about it — no surprise given how popular the feature is — and […]

Why I Pre-ordered a Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

*+-I just pre-ordered an Amazon Kindle Fire Android tablet, announced today at Amazon’s press event in New York City. Why would I jump without ever seeing the thing? Let me share a few reasons I decided to buy the Kindle Fire today. Android on Amazon’s Ecosystem The most significant draw of this device has to […]

Amazon Launches the Kindle Touch for $99

Amazon Touch EasyReach

*+-At their long-awaited tablet announcement, Amazon unveiled their new Amazon Kindle Touch. The Touch is a touch e-ink book reader for $99 with no keyboard, but rather an infrared touch screen which allows you to quickly turn pages and interact with your eBooks or periodicals on-screen instead of the old buttons the current generation device includes. […]

Amazon Announcing Kindle Tablet on September 28th?

Amazon Invite

*+-Amazon has started sending out invites for a press event scheduled to take place in New York City on September 28th and there is rampant speculation that the company might unveil its tablet plans. Earlier this month, we heard that a device called the Kindle Tablet was a real thing and it looks like Amazon […]

Black Friday Predictions 2011: Apple, Tablets and eReaders

NOOK Color

*+-With September almost over, it’s time to turn our eyes to the next major event in the tech world. No, I’m not talking about the iPhone 5 release date, but a date that has almost the same level of buzz — Black Friday. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, when retailers slash prices on items […]

Amazon Working on Netflix Model for Digital Books


*+-So far, digital books, or e-books, are only available to users on an a la carte basis, meaning that they pay per book title. However, that may change if Amazon can sway publishers into allowing users to rent books utilizing a premium subscription model similar to what Netflix employs for movies and TV shows. There […]

Amazon Kindle Tablet in Sep or Oct for Hundreds Less


*+-A rumor surfaced late last week that Amazon will follow the lead of HP and price its Android tablet (which is expected to be released in either September or October) for a lot less than the iPad: maybe “hundreds” less. If they do, look for it to be the one Android tablet to really compete […]

Tablets Are From Mars, E-Readers Are From Venus

men prefer tablets, women prefer e-readers

*+-When it comes to gadget purchases, new data from Nielsen shows that men prefer tablets, while women prefer e-Readers. The data comes as part of a quarterly survey of connected device users and found that smartphone usage is about equal across genders. Women control 61% of the e-reader market, up from 46% a year ago. Men have […]

15 Back to School iPad Apps

Evernote Peek Turns iPad Into a Study Tool

*+-For students heading off to school in the next few days and weeks, toting an iPad might make you the envy of the class. It also ensures that you have some great tools to make the Dean’s List. There are numerous free apps for those on a budget, as well as excellent paid apps that […]

Kindle Cloud Reader Launches, Rocks on iPad

Kindle Cloud Reader Hands on - 4

*+-Amazon hasn’t officially announced the new online ebook reading application, but it is now live at The new online kindle reading app is officially known as the kindle cloud reader, and works in Chrome, Safari and on Safari on the iPad. iPad access is huge, because it gets around Apple’s restrictive in app purchase […]

Nook for iPad Updated with Periodical Subscriptions

Nook iPad App

*+-The Nook Color is a nice eReader, especially for enjoying periodicals in full color, and now with an update, the iPad Nook app provides readers with the same rich full-color periodical experience. This is a leg up for Barnes & Noble, because the Kindle device and the Kindle app can’t display periodicals in full color. […]

Amazon’s Android Tablet Will Be a Color Android-Based E-Reader


*+-Amazon‘s initial foray into the tablet space will be positioned more akin to an Android-powered e-reader rather than a tradional Android tablet offering. As such, it would probably be a closer competitor to the Barnes & Noble-powered Nook Color rather than be a true iPad, Xoom, or Asus Eee Pad Transformer challenger, according to a […]

More Evidence That Amazon’s Tablet Could Be Huge

Amazon tablet huge

*+-The folks over at Retrevo have given us perhaps the best evidence of what we’ve been saying for a while now. The site’s study shows us that Amazon’s tablet has the potential to do things that previous Android tablets haven’t been able to do thus far – like sell. The surveys covered several categories, and […]

Google Books Makes It Back to the App Store Complying With Apple


*+-Well, whadda ya know? Looks like Google made the necessary changes to its Google Books App for Apple’s App Store obeying Apple’s rules about in-App purchasing and subscriptions. You’ll notice that like Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s Nook App, an updated version is now available in the App Store. I am still wondering this from […]

Look Out, Android Tablets – Amazon Just Locked Up CBS for Streaming

Amazon Tablet CBS

*+-Amazon’s tablet is coming, and it just may be a real beast. While there isn’t any new information specifically referring to the retailer’s upcoming slate, this little tidbit is very much related: Amazon has just, according to Techcrunch, secured instant video streaming rights with CBS. We have said before that Amazon could deliver the first […]

Amazon TextBook Rentals Launch, Can They Compete

kindle textbook rentals

*+-Amazon just took another bite out of the remaining college bookstores, with the announcement of the Kindle Textbook Rental program. The new way to get the textbooks students need at a fraction of the price. Can Amazon convince students to ditch their paper textbooks and jump from the current digital textbook front-runner CourseSmart? The Kindle Textbook […]