3 Common Xbox One Problems and Fixes

Xbox One Problems - Turning Off Randomly

The Xbox One is an exciting new console, but a collection of Xbox One problems are frustrating some gamers. Thankfully there are a number of fixes available for these common problems, which will get users back to gaming and watching movies on the Xbox One. The Xbox One is a $500 gaming console that competes […]

Xbox One Kinect Privacy Shield: Gaming’s Tin Foil Hat

Xbox One Kinect Privacy Shield

Privacy is a huge concern in this day and age, and it’s not just with computers and the internet. Gaming consoles are also receiving a lot of backlash over whether or not game system manufacturers are collecting your data and using it to their own desire. The Xbox One’s Kinect sensor has been the main […]

Microsoft Surface Mini Kinect-Like Feature Rumored

How do you know when there’s real interest in a Tablet or a Tablet form factor? When rumors of impending features start circulating from Chinese blogs. Whether this rumor has any substance or not it is certainly an intriguing one for the Microsoft Surface Mini Tablet that many expected to be announced earlier this fall […]

Xbox One Kinect Gets Its Own Proper Teardown


The Xbox One Kinect sensor is pretty unique, and it’s the first time that Microsoft used in-house technology for the Kinect (previously, a company called PrimeSense worked on the Xbox 360 Kinect). While the new Kinect is essentially a part of the Xbox One console (as it comes with the system by default), the folks […]

Apple Reportedly in Talks to Buy Company Behind Kinect Tech

Kinect Black Friday Deals

Apple is currently in talks with PrimeSense, the company behind the Xbox 360’s Kinect, for the possibility of an acquisition by the Cupertino-based company, according to Israeli publication Calcalist (via AllThingsD) The deal is said to be pretty much complete, but isn’t official quite yet, with the only thing blocking the way being end-game issues like who gets paid […]

New Video Shows Off Kinect Experience for Xbox One Users

xbox one

Microsoft’s Xbox One might owe its existence to traditional controller-based gaming, but that doesn’t mean that’s where Microsoft thinks the console future is. Microsoft is hoping that a newly upgraded Kinect sensor will help supplement the controller and help it gain a foothold in the casual gaming space as a newly published video demonstrates. A […]

Xbox One Kinect Can Listen to Two People Talking at Once


The new Xbox One Kinect sensor can understand and differentiate two people talking at the same time, according to a report from Polygon, where Microsoft’s Phil Harrison confirmed the feature during a talk at the Eurogamer Expo in London. The new Kinect will be able to tell two users’ voices apart and can process dialogue, when […]

HP Updates Envy 17 Laptop With Leap Motion Sensor for Gaming


Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect may bring the family together for motion-sensing game play without players being tied down by controllers, but what about gaming when you’re on the road with the same camera sensing technology? This year HP is updating its Envy 17 laptop to bring motion sensing technology from Leap Motion. Dubbed the HP Envy 17 […]

Sega Brings Kinect-Like Motion Detection to iPad With ‘Dance Off’ Game


Sega is looking to debut its first motion controlled game for Apple’s iPad tablet that would deliver a similar gaming interaction using motion as Microsoft’s Kinect camera accessory. By using the iPad’s camera along with a software development package from Extreme Reality, the ‘Dance Off’ title will allow users to interact with the game using […]

Microsoft Xbox One vs. Xbox 360: Price, Features, Games & More

Xbox One

Later this year, Microsoft will release its new Xbox One game console, bringing enhanced graphics and new experiences to gamers who can upgrade. Unlike last generation however, Microsoft won’t abandon the Xbox 360, keeping it around as a viable console for many gamers. The Xbox One will feature better graphics and some new features the […]

Microsoft Confirms Users Can Fully Shut Off Xbox One Kinect

Xbox One

During the Xbox One reveal last week Microsoft said the Xbox One would go into a low-power state when turned off, letting users use voice commands to wake it up. But now it seems users will also have the chance to completely shut down the Xbox One and its Kinect sensor. A Microsoft representative speaking […]

German Official Concerned Over Xbox One Privacy

Xbox One

Germany federal commissioner for data protection and freedom of information Peter Schaar has a few concerns about the privacy implications of the Xbox One and the mandatory Kinect sensor that comes with the console. In a statement to Spiegel Schaar voiced concerns over what will happen with the data the Xbox One‘s Kinect collects. The […]

Microsoft Xbox One vs. Sony PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Later this year, for the first time, Microsoft and Sony will go head-to-head with brand new game consoles. While the Xbox 360 had a one year head start on the PlayStation 3, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will release within weeks of each other later this year. The close release dates makes it harder […]

Kinect Technology Shrinks to Smartphone & Tablet Sizes


PrimeSense the company behind the technology in the Xbox Kinect wants to bring the same type of motion sensing technology to smartphones and tablets with its new Capri sensor. The company recently released a video of its next generation of sensing technology with applications in everything from store window TV displays to tablets and smartphones. […]

5 Amazing Amazon Cyber Monday Deals You Can Still Get Right Now

Jambox - amazon cyber monday

Amazon continues to be a hotbed of shopping deals as the Cyber Monday sales continue to roll out. Many of the best Cyber Monday 2011 deals at Amazon come in the form of limited time lightning deals that require speed and a watchful eye to purchase. These deep discounts can be found on the Amazon Cyber Monday deals page, […]

OmniTouch Promises to Turn Any Surface into a Multi-Touch Screen


Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute have taken the wraps off a new project that projects a hover-capable, motion-tracking, multi-touch interface on any surface, even your own hand. It’s called OmniTouch and it’s a step above anything I’ve seen before.

Autonomous Kinect Electric Wheelchair at IFA 2011

Screen Shot 2011-09-03 at 6.28.15 AM

Tucked away in a small booth, far away from the big brands that dominate IFA 2011 in Berlin is the Autonomous Wheelchair of Freie Universtat Berlin. I’m all for smarter phones, bigger TVs and cooler tablets, but wheelchair is one of the highlights of the show since it is one of the few products here that […]

Gmail Motion Controls Come to Life With Kinect

Screen shot 2011-04-05 at 9.03.45 AM

Gmail Motion and the Predator Computer interface both get us pretty excited because they show new ways we might interact with our technology, but you can’t start using them just yet. Thankfully a group of researchers solved the issue and has showcased a method of controlling Gmail with a Kinect sensor. Best of all, they […]

Kinect is the Fastest Selling Gadget Ever…Move Over iPad

XBOX Kinect

Guinness World Records has deemed the Microsoft Kinect the fastest selling gadget of all time. The Kinect launched on November 4 and Microsoft sold 8 million in the following 60 days. That’s an average of 133,333 units PER DAY. Last year,  the iPad held the crown as the fastest selling gadget of all time when […]