Apple Acquires Lala. Music Streaming On the Way?

Lala - Where music plays

If you’re like me you’re thinking it was only a matter of time. Yesterday Apple acquired the music streaming service Lala, apparently for a song (the price they paid, not Steve Jobs’ singing.) Of course the speculation is now rampant that Apple will soon be launching a music streaming service feature as a part of […]

Google Begins Roll Out of Music Search

Google is starting a gradual roll out of a new search service for music that should put a tune in your heart. No, Google is not getting into the music biz. The idea is this, if you search for a song title, lyric, artist, album name, etc… you’ll be presented with results that include links […]

Amazon, Walmart and Others Up Digital Music Prices


You kind of knew it wasn’t going to last and that this would happen. The day after iTunes put its price increase into effect (some songs for as high as $1.29, some as low as $.69), the other big online music retailers followed suit. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Lala, and Rhapsody,   have now raised their prices […]

Ten Cents A Dance, er Song, with Lala


This may turn out to be an interesting development in the digital music biz. Lala is offering a new cloud model for purchasing and listening to music. In addition to purchasing DRM free music for 90 cents a cut (some will cost more) from the service, you can plop down one thin dime, leave that […]