LarkLife Band Rivals Fuelband


At CES 2013 there has been a huge focus on health and personal fitness technology. One of the devices that allows users to better monitor their health and fitness is the LarkLife band.¬†LarkLife is similar to the Nike Fuelband,¬†another band that tracks data such as steps taken or calories burned. For those who are on […]

4 Fitness Trackers To Get in Shape for 2013

FitBit One

The holidays are here, which means the new year is coming up soon as well. Many people use the new year to resolve to live more healthily or to exercise more, and there are some gadgets to help with those goals. There are a number of mobile fitness trackers available now. They all track motion […]

Lark Takes on Nike FuelBand with LarkLife Fitness Bracelet


The Nike+ FuelBand has a new competitor that eschews daily goals in favor of positive messages in the form of the new LarkLife. Lark is best known for its silent alarm band that helps users wake up without the need for a loud alarm clock. The new LarkLife has the same vibration feature for sleeping, […]