Sprint BlackBerry Curve 9350 Delayed Until October


Sprint had just announced that its newly unveiled BlackBerry Curve 9350 is missing its targeted September launch date. The non-touchscreen BlackBerry 7 OS smartphone will instead be launching a few weeks later on October 2nd, according to the Now Network, due to ‘unexpected circumstances.’ The Curve 9350, while being a consumer-centric smartphone with the Bold series […]

HTC EVO 3D Coming to Best Buy in Purple


In addition to soon being available in white for Radio Shack, the HTC EVO 3D for Sprint’s Now Network may also be coming in purple at some point in the future as a Best Buy exclusive. The flagship smartphone is currently available in black, but once it gets a purple coating, the purple will be […]

Post-Anna, Nokia Promises Symbian Belle Update for N8, C6, C7, E6, E7, X7 in Q4


Now that Anna is beginning to roll out for current-generation Symbian^3 devices, including flagships like the Nokia E7 and N8, the company is looking forward to the future towards Symbian Belle, promising that the new software update will launch ” from the fourth quarter onwards for earlier Symbian 3 devices.” It’s unclear what fourth quarter onwards […]

Did Samsung Confirm Epic Touch 4G Galaxy S II Launch Date for September 9th?


We’ve been hearing rumors that Samsung’s Galaxy S II variant for U.S. carrier Sprint, known as the Epic Touch 4G, may be launching on September 9th. Now, that date may be more realistic than previously anticipated. In Samsung’s recent commercial advertisement for the device, which we had posted earlier in the day, Samsung had shown […]

Sony S1 Tablet Now Known as Sony Tablet S, Coming 1st Half September


Sony’s large single-screen skinned Android Honeycomb S1 tablet will debut in the market in the first half of next month as the Sony Tablet S under its retail moniker. The tablet will come skinned with Sony’s user interface on top of Android Honeycomb 3.1, and will also come pre-bundled with access to Sony content for […]

HTC EVO 3D Now Available in White for Sprint Through Radio Shack


The HTC EVO 3D, which is one of the most full-featured phones on the market today and one that stole the CTIA trade show back in March, will soon be available in white. The glasses-free 3D smartphone that debuted the new iteration of HTC’s Sense UI launched in black, and beginning on September 9th, Radio […]

Nokia Countdown Hints that Symbian Belle Coming August 24th


Nokia has placed a new countdown timer and Flash animation on its Facebook page, counting down to ‘something new.’ Though the countdown was vague, the Flash animation was inadvertantly named as the Belle Teaser, to which the company had later renamed to just ‘Teaser’ to remove allusions to the Symbian Belle software update to the […]

RIM Announces Three New Flavors of BlackBerry Curve with OS 7


In addition to having announced a CDMA/GSM world-phone BlackBerry Bold 9930, a GSM BlackBerry Bold 9900, an updated BlackBerry Torch for AT&T, and the new BlackBerry Torch 9850 recently, Research in Motion is now announcing three new flavors of the BlackBerry Curve smartphone. While the Bold lineup is more geared at enterprise professionals, the Curve […]

HP Pre 3 Not Launching in US, Will Sell for Cheap in Europe

Pre 3

Last Friday, we got word that AT&T had canceled orders for the HP Pre 3 in light of HP’s move to kill off both present and future webOS hardware. A few of you were skeptical and others were holding out hope for a release on Verizon but today, we have learned that the Pre 3 […]

4 New Smartphones Launched This Weekend on AT&T, Sprint


A total of four new smartphones launched this past weekend for consumer purchase on both Ma Bell and the Now Network in the U.S. Users interested in 3G and 4G devices now have a few more options from both BlackBerry and Android camps on Sprint and AT&T, with the former launching 3 new devices while […]

HTC: Puccini 4G Tablet Launching in September or October


HTC’s chief financial officer has unofficially confirmed that the company’s debut 10-inch Android Honeycomb slate will be launching sometime in the September or October time frame. The HTC Puccini was originally believed to be a 4G LTE slate that will be a larger version of the HTC Flyer or HTC EVO View 4G 7-inch tablet […]

AT&T’s LG Thrill 4G 3D Smartphone Delayed Again?


Though AT&T and LG have not announced the consumer availability of the LG Thrill 4G, a re-branded version of the LG Optimus 3D Android smartphone, the handset is said to be delayed for the second time. According to a recent leaked system screenshot, it seems that AT&T may not launch the handset until September 4th. […]

BlackBerry 9930 Now Available on Verizon


True to earlier rumors, Verizon Wireless has launched Research in Motion’s latest flagship BlackBerry Bold 9930. The smartphone will cost $250 with a two-year contract–no rebates required. The world-phone BlackBerry will work on Verizon’s 3G CDMA network here in the U.S. and on a GSM or CDMA network while traveling. The device retains the traditional […]

Nokia N9 Also Not Launching in Germany


Following Nokia USA‘s and Nokia UK‘s decisions to not launch the MeeGo-powered Nokia N9 smartphone in their respective U.S. and UK territories, it looks like the love child of Nokia and Intel through the MeeGo partnership will also not be launching in Germany. Once considered the solution for Nokia’s turnaround strategy after stagnant Symbian sales […]

Apple to Announce iPhone 5 on September 7th?


Update: Probably not going to happen. Just another Apple rumor floating in the wind. It looks like Japanese site Kodawarisan is reporting that Apple will be announcing its next generation iPhone 5 on September 7th this year alongside new iPod models. The Fall music event, which had historically been focused on iPod and iTunes, usually […]

LG Thrill 4G Appearing in Best Buy’s Buyer’s Guide


The glasses-free 3D LG Thrill 4G for AT&T is now showing up inside retailer Best Buy’s Buyer’s Guide publishing, suggesting that the handset is close to launch. When it launches, the glasses-free 3D capabilities of the phone will pit the AT&T variant against Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D with both devices sporting a glasses-free 3D display, […]

HTC Puccini Set for September 1st Launch?


It looks like HTC’s debut 10-inch Honeycomb tablet for AT&T’s wireless network in the U.S. may be set to launch on September 1st. The company has been sending out invitations to a mysterious launch event where details are not yet announced, but industry insiders are speculating that the event may see the debut of the […]

Amazon Listing Hints Galaxy Tab 8.9 with 3G Dropping in UK on Aug. 11


A listing by a private seller on Amazon’s UK site may give hints that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9, the smaller sibling to the recently released Galaxy Tab 10.1, tablet will be landing complete with 3G HSPA wireless networking on August 11. The more portable 3G-enabled Galaxy Tab 8.9 will retail for £605 when it lands. […]