Some Galaxy Note 3 Will Come With LCD Screens, But Will Users Want It?

As pictured: Galaxy Note 2

A new report suggests that like with processor variants on the flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone, Samsung may have variants of its upcoming Galaxy Note 3 phablet with different screen technologies. This means that while the majority of the Galaxy Note 3 devices that will hit the market will continue to use Samsung’s HD Super AMOLED […]

Sony Bringing Triluminos Display Tech From 4K UHD TV to Xperia Phones


After having brought over its Bravia technology from its current HDTV television sets, Sony is now looking at bringing the more advanced Triluminos innovation that is used on its 4K UHD TV displays to future Xperia smartphones. This would allow Sony to offer a compelling mobile display to compete against HTC’s highly regarded use of […]

LG Shows Off 5-Inch 1080p HD Screen, Will It Be On Your Next Phablet?


LG Display a very pixel dense HD display with a 16:9 aspect ratio that’s great for consuming all your HD entertainment content on the go thanks to its 5-inch 1080p resolution. While the manufacturer did not specify which companies have ordered the display, we can fathom that the screen size and resolution would make this […]

Samsung Ramping Up OLED Display Production In Case Apple Switches From LCD


Samsung has ramped up production capacity for producing OLED displays in the event that Apple may decide to switch from rival LCD-based displays on its next-generation iOS products, which may include the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad tablet. It’s unclear if Apple would make the transition, but the Cupertino, California company has been rumored to […]

Nokia Displays Its Crisp, Sharp Clear Black Display (CBD) Technology


Nokia has been heavily promoting its smartphones, both AMOLED and LCD sporting phones, with its patented Clear Black Display, or CBD, technology. So what exactly is Clear Black Display and why is it good for consumers? On a superficial explanation, CBD allows screens to be brighter, crisper, and more readable under direct sunlight without looking […]

LG LCD Factory Strike Could Have Impact on Smartphones, Tablets


A strike at LG’s Nanjing, China LCD factory involving 8,000 workers may have potential impact on the mobile market, which is consuming higher resolution displays for tablets and smartphones. The company had failed to reach a resolution with its Chinese workers, who are demanding equal benefits to their counterparts in South Korea, including better pay […]

Production of 7-Inch Tablet LCD Panels Outnumber iPad Screens


In the month of November, there were more 7-inch LCD panels being manufactured than 9.7-inch panels, which are used on the iPad and iPad 2 tablets from Apple. In the past, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs had dismissed the 7-inch tablet market, stating that it did not offer users a good experience due to the […]

Hitachi to Bring 4.5-Inch 720p HD Glasses-Free 3D Display to Phones Soon

hitachi 3d

It looks like smartphone screens are continuing to get larger. Now that 4.3-inch displays are now becoming the trend, the next big trend may be 4.5-inch displays. That’s not a bad thing as Hitachi has developed a high resolution 720p display in the larger 4.5-inch form factor that’s capable of rendering 1280 X 720 pixels […]

iPad 3 Rumors Point to an LED Backlit LCD Display


While the iPad 2 is still fairly new, having been only made available for purchase in the U.S. several months ago and is still being rolled out internationally, Apple is already looking to secure components for the next-generation tablet, perhaps dubbed as the iPad 3. Taiwan news DigiTimes is reporting that LED backlight units from […]

Devices with Samsung’s Liquavista Displays Can Come As Soon As This Year?


After having announced its acquisition of Liquavista for the company’s electrowetting display technology earlier this year, we haven’t heard from Samsung until now. The company had recently shown off its electrowetting display at the SID show, and there is speculation that electrowetting may beat Mirasol to the market in the evolving display market. Electrowetting is […]

Retina Display AMOLED iPad 3 in 2011 is Just Wishful Thinking


With rumors that Apple may be releasing an update to its recently released iPad 2 in Fall 2011, upstream component suppliers are saying that a prospect of an iPad 3 appearing in 2011 is just wishful thinking, especially with the rumored Retina Display, AMOLED screen, or HD resolution touchscreen that rumors suggest. Recent speculations posit […]

Hybrid E-Ink, LCD Apple Mobile Device to Challenge Kindle

Patent 2

Apple may be looking to more aggressively tackle Amazon and the e-reader market with its latest patent filing for a hybrid display system that can dynamically switch between an e-ink display and an LCD display depending on the application used. The Apple system would, like its graphics options on computers, not require the intervention of […]

Does Your iPad 2 Backlight Bleed?


It looks like some early adopters of the iPad 2 have noticed that Apple’s second-generation tablet has two issues that are related to the display. The first issue is that on select units of the iPad 2, there are yellow spots underneath the display. Fortunately, though, this issue is non-major and will resolve itself in […]

Hitachi Display Crams an HD High Resolution Screen Into Your Pockets!


Hitachi Display is looking to launch its HD high resolution smartphone display, which essentially crams a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels into the size of a 4.5-inch IPS display using LCD screen technology. The IPS screen technology promises wide-viewing angles. With the display, coupled with a 720p HD video camera on a smartphone, you […]

Samsung Acquires Liquavista to Compete in Display Technology


After news that Apple may have invested $3.9 billion over the next two years in a strategic supply component(s) that may be related to the company’s high resolution displays, Samsung has confirmed that it has acquired Dutch-based Liquavista, which would further the company’s role in producing various types of screen displays. The financial terms of […]

Sharp Rumored to Build LCD Screens for iPhone 7?


After rumors that Apple had invested $1.2 billion in a Toshiba plant for building LCD panels, now eyes are on Sharp as Nikkei business daily reported that Apple and Sharp are investing another $1.2 billion to build a facility to produce screens for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch touchscreen products. Apple is said to be […]

LG B Android Smartphone Features Bright LCD IPS Screen, Slim Profile


If the LG Optimus 2X, which launches with an NVIDIA dual-core Tegra 2 processor, isn’t enough for you, then you may want to take a gander at a leaked Android-powered LG smartphone, which has the codename of LG B. The highlight of the device is in its design, which features an attractive, slim profile as […]

Some Variants of Google Nexus S to Use Super LCD Screens


There are reports that certain variations of the Nexus S made for specific countries will utilize a Super LCD screen. The handset was originally slated for a Super AMOLED display, much like those found on the popular Galaxy S smartphones by Samsung, but it looks like Google and Samsung are experiencing shortages of the crisp […]

Samsung Looking to Replace IPS Screens with Super PLS LCD Displays


Samsung recently showed off its Super PLS display, which stands for Super Plan to Line Switching display, which operates on LCD technology, that promises to be better than the IPS screen display technology. Samsung is boasting a 100 percent improvement in viewing angles compared to the already wide viewing angles afforded by IPS screens and […]

Pixel Qi announces low-powered side displays – great for mobile devices


While we wait (and wait and wait) for devices like the Notion Ink Adam to ship with Pixel Qi displays, LCDs that are readable with or without backlighting, the company is moving forward with their own plans to offer their displays as add-on solutions, including a secondary display that can run entirely on USB.