Apple Could Net $10 for Every Android Sold In Lieu of Legal War

Apple iPhone Cool

One expert believes that Apple could stand to profit $10 for every Android device sold if the company ended its legal war over Google and the Android franchise and started to work on licensing agreements like what competitor Microsoft had done. 3LP Advisors LLC manager partner Kevin Rivette revealed the figure to Bloomberg. Rivette pegs […]

Front-Facing Tablet Speakers the Key to Differentiating from Apple iPad?


In Samsung’s and Apple’s on-going patent design lawsuit, Samsung may have seemingly scored a victory against Apple’s iPad with its slightly re-designed Galaxy Tab 10.1N, which was created for the German market after Apple had won an early victory against the original Galaxy Tab 10.1. On the 10.1N model, Samsung made some slight modifications to […]

Transformer Prime Trademark the Subject of Legal Battle Between Asus, Hasbro


Toy-maker Hasbro is initiating a lawsuit against electronics-maker Asus for the Transformer and Transformer Prime trademarks. The former is alleging that the latter’s use of the marks for its Tegra 3-powered Android tablet may cause confusion with its toys and film franchise. In a lawsuit filed late last week, Hasbro says that the Transformer Prime […]

Is There Any Chance You Can Confuse the HTC Vivid for Porn?


Well, that’s the question worth answering since porn company Vivid is sending HTC a cease and desist notice over the Vivid brand that the Taiwanese smartphone-maker is using on its flagship smartphone for U.S. carrier AT&T. The HTC Vivid is the first 4G dual-mode HSPA+ and LTE smartphone for AT&T. Vivid Entertainment, the adult entertainment […]

Biography Reveals Steve Jobs Declared Thermonuclear War Against Android


Steve Jobs’ biography titled ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson, coming Monday, reveals the late Apple executive’s disdain and utter hatred for rival Google’s Android operating system. At one point, Jobs says that he is declaring thermonuclear war against Android. When the iPhone came out in mid-2007 with what was then the iPhone OS, it joined […]

Apple Wins Early Decisive Victory Against Samsung in Germany


In its ongoing patent dispute suit against rival Samsung, Apple had won an early decisive victory in a German court, which upheld ban of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for sale in Germany. However, the lawsuit, a win for Apple, still means little for Samsung and long-term implications of the decision will need further assessment. The […]

Samsung Legal Team Confirms Nexus Prime


As an organization thus far, Samsung has yet to confirm that it is the vendor for the Nexus Prime nor that a Nexus Prime is forthcoming, but Samsung’s legal team may have confirmed that fact. In a cease and desist letter published on, Samsung’s general counsel says that those the leaked firmware for the […]

Why Apple Should be Scared of the Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

Based on the number of lawsuits that Apple has filed in the past few months, it’s clear that the company is concerned by the progress being made in the Android tablet space. Even though Apple is still the number one player in the tablet space, and pegged to be there for quite some time, the […]

U.S. ITC Will Review Apple’s Claims Against HTC

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The United States International Trade Commission has agreed to review Apple’s patent infringement claims against rival Android smartphone-maker HTC. In June, Apple had a major victory in that a judge had agreed that HTC had violated 2 of the 5 patents in question. If the result of the 6-member ITC panel is in Apple’s favor, […]

Verizon Predicts that AT&T Will Successfully Acquire T-Mobile


Back in March, AT&T had announced its $39 billion plan to acquire T-Mobile USA, the nation’s fourth largest national carrier. Since the announcement was made, AT&T’s largest competitor, Verizon Wireless, was surprisingly silent on its position about the merger while Sprint and a number of regional carriers are vocally opposed to the acquisition, calling on […]

Patent War Between Apple, Google Continues with Buying Spree for InterDigital


In the mobile world, Google’s and Apple’s patent war will only get more heated as both companies are rapidly expanding their intellectual property patent libraries. The two are said to be bidders in InterDigital, along with others. InterDigital is said to be a ‘a mobile-phone technology designer,’ according to Bloomberg, and the company’s portfolio of […]

Apple’s ITC Ruling Against HTC Can Spell Bloodshed for Other Android Manufacturers


The recent ITC ruling that Apple had won against rival smartphone-maker HTC can have market implications against other manufacturers of Android devices because of the broad nature of the patents in question. The two patents that HTC had violated include¬†5,946,647, “System and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data” and¬†6,343,263, “Real-time […]

U.S. Senate Proposes Jail Time for Illegal Streaming Videos


The U.S. Senate is proposing legislation that would create harsher punishments and make illegal video streaming a felony under the Commercial Felony Streaming Act. While the current laws under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act imposes stringent punishment on illegal video and music downloads, legal policy has thus far not kept up with streaming technologies. With […]

Court Grants Apple Early Access of Samsung Unreleased Products


As part of its legal battles with Samsung, Apple has been granted early access to un-released products from Samsung by a federal court. The court hopes that the move will help Apple examine the products and determine if the products infringe on any of the patents held by the iPhone-, iPad-, and iPod Touch-maker. The […]

Apple Defends App Developers in Patent Fight Against Lodys


We had previously reported that a patent company called Lodys has been targeting small third-party iOS app developers who use Apple’s in-app purchase APIs with a patent infringement lawsuit, and now Apple is speaking out on behalf of its developers and is defending its third-party developers. The Cupertino, California maker of the iPhone and iPad […]