GBM Shortcut: Pinch and Zoom with Lenovo X200T Tablet PC

Well color me confused, embarrassed, and a bunch of other things.   Upon receiving the Lenovo X200T Tablet PC, I tried some pinch and zoom to see if that worked. I guess I didn’t try enough. As our good friend, James Kendrick discovered you can do some pinch and zoom with the two fingered touch […]

GBM InkShow: Touch on the Lenovo X200T Tablet PC

GBM Inkshow_ Touch on the Lenovo x200T Tablet PC (beta)

I’m really enjoying using the two finger touch on the Lenovo X200T Tablet PC. That’s saying something since I just don’t see touch as being necessary in my usage of a Tablet PC. Frankly, I pull out a Tablet PC when I need to Ink some notes in rehearsal or a meeting or when I […]

Hacking a Way To Better Touch Controls


James Kendrick is enjoying touch on the Lenovo x200T Tablet PC, just as I am. It looks like he came across a method of making the touch experience a little better by using the Origami Experience. You might remember the Origami Experience as the shell that Microsoft created for UMPCs that enhanced scroll bars, title […]

Lenovo Adds Nice Touches to Touch on x200 Tablet PC


I’ve never been on the notebook/Tablet/Netbook touch bandwagon. Quite honestly, and perhaps from quite a limited perspective, I’ve just not seen the usage scenario that makes this a must have for me. Lenovo has been rolling out its latest Touch capable machines, and they just sent me an X200 Tablet with touch enabled. It’s running […]

CES 2009 Adventures With Lenovo’s X200T – Preshow Madness


From a minimalist’s point of view, I am really digging the Lenovo X200T for CES coverage. In my previous life as a photojournalist, I always had to find the balance between carrying enough gear to meet any unforeseen roadblocks and carrying redundant and unnecessary weight. Challenges that I faced as a photographer are the same […]

Lenovo X200T and Fujitsu T2010 In Pictures


My ongoing soft-review of the Lenovo X200T (Warner and Rob have done a much more thorough review) continues with a pictorial comparison between the X200T and Fujitsu’s T2010. Over the last few weeks, I have found myself really liking the X200T. I was finally able to turn off the startlingly loud beeping during power changes […]

Lenovo X200T In The House


With CES right around the corner, the friendly folks at Lenovo sent me an X200T to use for the event. I’m sure you’ve all seen by now the excellent reviews that Warner posted up. I won’t bore you again with another review of the tablet, especially considering how thorough, in depth, informative, and entertaining his […]