Nexus 4 Bumper Case Sold Out Again

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 3.18.40 PM

Just a few hours after the Nexus 4 bumper case went up for sale again, it’s sold out completely with the U.S. Google Play Store no longer offering it to those looking to protect the glass back of the Nexus 4. Read: Best Nexus 4 Cases. Earlier today, Google once again put the Nexus 4 […]

Nexus 4 Bumper Case Back In Stock


The Nexus 4 bumper case, which owners use to protect the glass back of the new Nexus smartphone, is back in stock on the Google Play Store, several weeks after it went out of stock. Read: Best Nexus 4 Cases. Google’s U.S. Google Play Store now lists the Nexus 4 bumper case as in stock […]

Best Nexus 4 Cases

Nexus 4 case matte black SF

The Nexus 4 is the best looking Nexus yet, but the glass back means many owners are looking fo tthe best Nexus 4 case to keep it safe from drops and other damage. Nexus 4 case selection is small, which is expected considering the Nexus 4 launched in mid-November and is tough to find for […]

LG Explains Nexus 4 Stock Shortage

Iphone 5 vs Nexus 4

Since the end of November, the Nexus 4 has been sold out and backordered on the U.S. Google Play Store. In other regions, the device has been hard to come by as well. And finally, one of the companies involved is saying why. In comments today, LG confirmed the obvious stating that high-demand is the […]

T-Mobile Nexus 4 In Stock as Price Returns to Normal

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Yesterday, T-Mobile caused quite a bit of confusion after the Nexus 4 returned to stock with a $399.99 price tag. Today though, the mystery has been cleared up and after a short disappearance, the T-Mobile Nexus 4 has returned to the carrier’s online store with a familiar price tag. Read: Nexus 4 Launch Takes Another […]

Nexus 4 Launch Takes Another Bizarre Turn

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Yesterday, the T-Mobile Nexus 4 was completely sold out, leaving potential customers without a way to pick up the T-Mobile-attached version of the Nexus 4. Now, the device has once again come back into stock though there is a bit of a bizarre twist attached to it. Read: Google Mum on Return of 8GB Nexus […]

The 5 Best T-Mobile Smartphones [December, 2012]


This year was full of fantastic smartphone releases on every single major carrier in the United States including T-Mobile USA, the nation’s fourth largest cellular operator. We’ve already taken a look at the best smartphones available on its rivals AT&T, Sprint and Verizon and now it’s time to take a look at the best T-Mobile […]

Nexus 4 On Sale in Google Play in UK & Germany At 5 PM Local Time


Android fans in the U.K. and Germany will get another chance to buy the Nexus 4 today at 5 p.m. local time according to an Engadget report. Today people who signed up for notifications about the device in the U.K. and Germany received emails saying the Play Store will have the phones in stock later […]

Google Mum on Return of 8GB Nexus 4


With shipping times for the 16GB Nexus 4 improving today, the 8GB Nexus 4 remains sold out and unavailable to order on the U.S. Google Play Store and Google isn’t saying when the device might become available to order again. Read: 16GB Nexus 4 Shipping Times Improve. Pressed for an answer in regards to when […]

16GB Nexus 4 Shipping Times Improve

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 12.12.52 PM

It looks like at least one version of the Nexus 4 has seen its shipping times improve as the 16GB Nexus 4 has dropped from shipping times listed at six to seven weeks to five to six weeks today. Read: 8GB Nexus 4 Sold Out Again. Earlier today, the 16GB Nexus 4 was listed at […]

Nexus 4 Hits Google Play Store in Canada at Noon PST


While the Nexus 4 remains backordered and out of stock through the U.S. Google Play Store, the Canadian version of the store will begin taking orders for the Nexus 4 once again starting at Noon today. Google has begun sending out emails to interested customers in Canada, informing them that the Nexus 4 will go […]

Nexus 4 Sales Push Backorder Times into Months


Google’s shipping times for the 16GB Nexus 4 are getting progressively worse with shipping times now sitting at a dreadful 6-7 weeks while the 8GB Nexus 4 still toils at 8-9 weeks. After the Nexus 4 went on sale earlier this week, the device sold out almost immediately, leaving consumers staring lengthy shipping times right […]

Nexus 4 Sales Face iPhone-like eBay Limits


Online auction site eBay wants its sellers to put the Nexus 4 on sale, but there are some restrictions on how many devices each user can sell. eBay sees that there is a lot of demand for the Nexus 4, but it wants to make sure that sellers aren’t abusing the auction site. To prevent […]

The 5 Best AT&T Smartphones [December, 2012]


Yesterday, we took a look at what we consider to be the five best Verizon smartphones on the market right now. Today, it’s time to take a look at the competition as we run down what we consider to be the five best smartphones on Verizon’s chief rival, AT&T. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday […]

Nexus 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Tomorrow, the last of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 models will arrive in the United States which means that the Galaxy Note 2 will finally be at full strength against its competitors. And one of those competitors is Google’s latest Nexus smartphone, the Nexus 4, which went on sale earlier this month. Both are extremely […]

The 5 Best Android Smartphones [December, 2012]


This year has been filled with numerous big name Android smartphone releases. From the Samsung Galaxy S III to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the new Nexus, the smartphone marketplace is stocked with many Android-powered devices. While exciting, it also makes shopping for a new Android smartphone a bit of a headache. The […]

Nexus 4 Goes on Sale Again with Familiar Issues

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 12.14.26 PM

Earlier today, Google promised that the Nexus 4 smartphone would go up for sale once again at Noon PST and it seems that it did, for all of two minutes. Google announced that its Nexus 4 smartphone, which sold out on its first day of availability on November 13th, would be going up for sale […]

LG Nexus 4 Selling for over $700 on eBay

LG Nexus 4 eBay

The LG Nexus 4 remains out of stock in the Google Play Store and eBay shoppers are paying a premium of up to twice the retail value for the Nexus 4. On eBay shoppers looking to buy the LG Nexus 4 won’t score any deals with sellers asking as much as $1,749 for a Buy […]

LG Nexus 4 Unboxing and Hardware Overview (Video)

LG Nexus 4 unboxing

The LG Nexus 4 is already in the hands of users that ordered on new Nexus phone on launch day. For those who couldn’t order the Nexus 4 before it went out of stock, this is a closer look at the device. The LG Nexus 4 looks better in real life than it does on […]

Nexus 4 Orders Start Arriving Tomorrow


The LG Nexus 4, which went on sale earlier this week, will start arriving on the door steps of those that were fortunate enough to place an order starting tomorrow. Earlier today, Google sent out tracking numbers to those that were able to place orders for the Nexus 4 and at first, the tracking information […]