This is likely LG's version of the Nexus 5.

Nexus 5 Photo Offers Best Look Yet

A new Nexus 5 photo, which shows off a device that looks exactly like the device that has appeared in photos time and time again, delivers the best look yet at ...

Nexus 5 Rumors Continue to Swirl

With the Nexus 4 now discontinued, the path is clear for a new Nexus smartphone. And while Google isn't talking about the Nexus 5 quite yet, Nexus 5 rumors cont...
The Nexus 5 battery is larger than the Nexus 4's but smaller than the LG G2's according to the FCC filing.

Nexus 5: 3 Key Details Emerge

The Nexus 5, or at least the phone widely believed to be the new Nexus is leaking in full force after showing up first in a Google promotion video and then maki...