Android is Free, But Google’s Apps Aren’t

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When people talk about Google’s Android operating system words like “free” and “open source” are always mentioned, and for the most part, they’re true. Google doesn’t charge for the open source parts of Android, which allows nearly any company to compile the software and release smartphones, tablets, and more. There’s a common misconception though, and […]

Android Could Become an $8.8 Billion Business for Microsoft Annually

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Though Microsoft builds its own Windows Phone platform to compete in the mobile OS space, rival Google’s free-to-use Android operating system could become a very lucrative business for Microsoft. If Google’s Android OS market share continues to grow, Microsoft could profit up to $8.8 billion a year by 2017 from Google’s hardware manufacturer through licensing […]

Samsung’s Mobile Strategy: Diversify


With HP hoping to license out its webOS mobile platform for other hardware-makers to use on their branded smartphones and tablets, one company that may be interested may be Samsung. If Samsung does in fact choose to license webOS, the Korean manufacturer will effectively have four working mobile operating systems under its belt: Android, Windows […]