Vertu Debunks Some Speculations Around Android Release


In an email to¬†GottaBeMobile, Vertu has debunked some of the speculations and rumors surrounding the release of what may be the company’s first Android handset. The company did not deny that it was working on an Android handset, as we had reported based on speculations on the Internet, but it did say that some of […]

Vertu Working on Android Luxury Smartphone?


It looks like luxury brand Vertu, which was formerly wholely owned by Nokia, may make the jump from Symbian to Android with its next handset release. The company is rumored to be working on a luxury Android handheld that could be launch at the end of February, perhaps at Mobile World Congress, and sport a […]

Kyocera Torque Gets an FCC Layover On Way to Sprint’s 4G LTE Network


It looks like the rugged Kyocera Torque is now sitting at the FCC for U.S. regulatory approval before it heads over to Sprint’s network. The Torque may be among the first ruggedized 4G LTE smartphones as previous rugged efforts–like Verizon’s G’zOne Commando–have been focused at 3G networks reserving 4G LTE for more premium flagship offerings. […]

Samsung: Tablets Getting a Bigger Role in Living Room with Video Search


At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung promoted new capabilities and integration between tablets and HDTV. The South Korean Consumer Electronics manufacturer announced that it would be easier to have a multi-screen environment between tablets and TVs as well as the ability to search and discover new video content by using a tablet […]

What Smartphone Manufacturers Can Learn From Ford Motor Co.


While automotive and smartphone industries seem like separate entities with few common shared spaces except for infotainment synchronization with phones, there are lots of advancements in materials research at Ford Motor Company that could be applied to smartphones. One of the key areas that Ford is pushing forward is eco-friendly, and the company has marked […]

Nokia Sells Vertu to Private Equity Firm


Nokia has sold off its wholly-owned Vertu luxury subsidiary to a private equity phone. Vertu, which is one of the leading luxury smartphone makers in the world due to the phone being handcrafted with sapphire keys and crystal glass displays, is estimated to net parent Nokia $249 as a result of the sale, according to […]

Lamborghini: To Russia With Android Bling


It looks like Italian auto house Lamborghini will be turning to the old Kremlin state to debut a new line of luxury Android products, including three smartphones and a tablet. Unfortunately, though, despite the premium price points due to more luxurious metals, Lamborghini’s Android debuts do not have cutting edge specs. The tablet, dubbed the […]

Sprint Announces Eco-Friendly LG Optimus Elite Ahead of Earth Day


Ahead of Earth Day, Sprint has announced that it will be bringing the LG Optimus Elite mid-range Android smartphone to the masses starting on April 22nd. The handset boasts solid specs for a mid-range number, along with environmentally build materials, such as a shell that’s made from 50 percent recycled plastics and a phone that’s […]

TAG Heuer Crafts Luxury Racer Android Smartphone for Performance


TAG Heuer is ready to enter the premium phone market with its own Android smartphone model called the Racer, a phone that’s crafted with materials such as carbon fiber and titanium. In a promotional video for the smartphone, the house of Heuer dubs the Racer as a ‘breakthrough in Swiss communications,’ Not much is revealed […]

Aston Martin Luxury Phone is a Glorified Samsung Nexus S


As with many premium brands before it, Aston Martin is now in the mobile business with a rebranded Samsung Nexus S. If you think that Aston Martin merely slapped its logo on the vanilla Google handset, think again as the company had partnered with luxury phone-maker Mobiado with the Grand Touch Aston Martin phone. Essentially, […]

LG Renews Prada Partnership to Bring Designer Android Phone


LG, purveyor of the Prada Phone, has announced that it is renewing its partnership with the famed fashion house to launch a new Android smartphone with the joint branding. While previous LG Prada handsets were feature phones–non-smartphones–with touchscreen capabilities, the new Prada designs were shown with a capacious touchscreen and it is revealed that LG […]

Vertu Constellation: Nokia’s Latest Luxury Smartphone with Touchscreen and Symbian


Nokia’s wholly owned luxury subsidiary Vertu has recently announced the Vertu Constellation, a premium smartphone with Symbian and a touchscreen. Many of Vertu’s previous phones come with a feature-phone S40 operating system, the Constellation stands out from the pack with its touch-optimized Symbian operating system complete with a Sapphire crystal touchscreen. In fact, Vertu’s phones […]

Motorola Announces Defy+ Rugged Android Phone for Everywhere But U.S.


Motorola made its Defy+ Android smartphone official as the updated successor to the Defy. Though the Defy+ retains many of the specs and the exact hardware as the Defy, it does have a beefier 1 GHz processor, up from the original’s 800 MHz, and like the original the Defy+ will be ‘life proof’ as in […]

Galaxy Xcover Goes Rugged


In announcing that Samsung isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with its premium Galaxy smartphones, Samsung Germany has announced a rugged Android Galaxy Xcover smartphone that isn’t afraid of dirt, dust, and water. Joining the ranks of Motorola with its Defy smartphone and Casio’s Android equipped rugged offering for Verizon Wireless, Samsung is leveraging […]

Motorola Confirms Rugged Defy+ Smartphone Not Coming to U.S.


After speculations that the leaked Defy+ smartphone, an upgraded model of the T-Mobile Defy, would hit U.S. carrier AT&T, Motorola had revealed in its earnings call that the Android smartphone aimed at those with an active lifestyle would not hit the U.S. market. The company confirmed the existence of the Defy+ and says that it […]

HTC Bliss: New Leaked Images of the Droidette Emerge


Leaked images of the HTC Bliss–or what we lovingly refer to as the ‘Droidette’–smartphone have begun to surface. The HTC Bliss is a codename for a smartphone that HTC and Verizon are rumored to be developing that would target the female demographics. The HTC Bliss will be an Android smartphone that will be targeted at […]